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Bolt’s Laws of Climate Change

1. Unusually warm weather does not prove global warming.

2. Unusually cold weather disproves global warming.

ABC OnlineWeather does not drive climate. Repeat three times daily until inflammation subsides. If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

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Ad bans won’t stop kids liking junk food but they will reduce consumption

Liberal Party propaganda columnist for The Age, Chris Berg, reckons that because a ban on junk food ads during children’s television programming will not stop them liking junk food there is no point in doing it — it’s just more oppressive nanny statism depriving us of our liberty and personal choice.

Golden ArchesBerg argues that junk food advertising is basically about providing information. Yeah, right. Try junk food advertising to kids is about increasing junk food sales to kids — otherwise why would they bother. You can’t drive more than a few urban kilometres wihout seeing the ubiquitous Golden Arches.

The only freedom being compromised here is the freedom of global food corporations to make a profit by peddling food which is dangerous to the health of the individual, creates public costs through ill-health and obesity, and environmental degradation.

The freedom of children and parents to like and comsume junk food is in no way being compromised.


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Changeless change vs changeful change

Gus's ViewIn a statement of the bleeding obvious John Howard has warned voters that if they elect a Rudd Labor government it will not be a Howard Coalition government and things will be different so you need to be careful who you vote for if you don’t want things to change. Apparently you can’t have a changeless change. If you want change, vote for Team Howard because Peter Costello is different from John Howard and therefore when he takes over as  Prime Minister (yeah right) things will change, but in a good way.

Well I’m glad that’s cleared up. Mkay? Any questions?

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Kevin Rudd to end Resources Boom! – Boom Boom!

Team Howard’s Minister in Charge of Desperate Campaign Scare Tactics Nick Minchin claims The Resources Boom will end if Kevin is elected to government. Has anyone told the mining sector? The sky may also fall and chooks will stop laying, so you’ve been warned. This is predicated on Rudd daring to talk about what happens to our economy in the future, beyond the resources boom.

It is a sign of the desperation of the Coalition that they are promising a final five days of fear campaigning despite the fact that negative campaigning has not worked so far – indeed there is evidence that it works against them in favour of Kevin07.

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Mortgage stress? Debt maxed out? You’ve never had it so good!

More than 500,000 households are suffering mortgage stress with families struggling just make ends meet under burgeoning debt levels. The government’s response from the parallel universe?

Wages have grown 25%, the economy is booming, stocks are rising, unemployment is low – we’ve created a climate where the battlers can now choose to buy a more expensive house!

You’ve never had it so good you ungrateful bastards.

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The Court giveth and Howard taketh away

Releasing Dr Mohammed Haneef clearly was never part of the Howard government’s script. The flimsiest of charges has been laid (recklessly giving a SIM card to his cousin) and Magistrate Jacqui Payne granted bail this morning on the grounds that there was no direct link to a terrorist organisation in Britain. Whereupon Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews revokes Haneef’s work visa and locks him up in a detention centre on the grounds of ‘undesirable character’! You gotta give him points for chutzpah. None of that innocent until proven guilty claptrap – this man is a danger to society. Read the rest of this entry »

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He’s not the anti-Christ, just a very naughty Pope

pope_benedict.jpgThe Vatican has claimed Christian denominations outside the Roman Catholic Church were not full churches of Jesus Christ since they do not recognise the primacy of the Pope. A case of “We will determine who comes before God and in what circumstances!”
A 16-page document, prepared by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which Pope Benedict used to head, described Christian Orthodox churches as true churches, but suffering from a “wound” since they do not recognise the primacy of Pope.

It would seem that Cardinal Ratzinger’s earlier enthusiasm for primacy of conscience over primacy of Pope has waned now that he actually is the Pope. At least he has a clear conscience, I guess. Or on the other hand he can over ride his papal authority with his individual conscience! Read the rest of this entry »

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Noel Pearson on the denialism of the reactionary Right

Some Lax Cats have been arguing that the appalling state of indigenous Australia is entirely the fault of the left by cherry-picking a speech made by Noel Pearson at Griffith University in which he clearly states that both [Left and Right] need to take responsibility for the fact of racism, and work to answer and counter it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rudd’s attack on WorkChoices neutralised! They wish.

On AM this morning a breathless reporter claimed that the kerfuffle over Rudd’s wife’s business underpaying 54 staff had neutralised his attack on Howard’s WorkChoices. It is further evidence of the parallel universe inhabited by the commentariat. I can just hear the 1 million disgruntled WorkChoice victims breathing a sigh of relief, “That’s it then, I was going to vote for Rudd but now I’m going to vote for Howard!” Rudd has correctly acknowledged the embarrassment, the problem’s been fixed, move on – a behaviour never exhibited by Howard. Read the rest of this entry »

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Costello hands Future Fund to Enron Pension Managers

In yet another dazzling example of the ‘natural brilliance’ and ‘sound economic management’ of the Howard government, the Future Fund has been handed to Northern Trust Corporation, the trustee of the Enron pension fund in which some 20,000 employees lost up to $US1.6 billion and paid a settlement of $US37.5 million to the new trustee. With close links to the Bush Administration, the Enron collapse was the largest in US corporate history. Read the rest of this entry »

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