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Limits of Power

Background Briefing – 9 August 2009 – Limits of power

Retired colonel in the US army and historian of international relations, Professor Andrew Bacevich argues that the US should get out of Afghanistan.

I caught this on the way to the shop this evening. An entertaining and erudite lecture and discussion on US foreign policy from a rational conservative.

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We fight for Afghans, but God help them if they turn up here illegally!

Logisitical nightmare: The Navy is assisting in the transfer of casualities.

'Logisitical nightmare': The Navy is assisting in the transfer of casualities.

One of my favourite conservative bloggers is arguing that “Illegal migration demands surge with Rudd Government policy failure.” The Howardian approach to asylum seekers – ‘the boat people’ – was to subvert the claim to asylum by determining that arrival here without proper authority is a criminal act. Additional deterrence was offered through prolonged incarceration and the odd dubious repatriation. It is not illegal, however, to seek asylum.

Whether or not the Afghans are seeking permanent resident status, as Harry claims, they are first and foremost exercising their human right to seek political asylum. Are conservatives saying that breaking an immigration law cancels out any legitimate claim to asylum? That to seek asylum in Australia is illegal unless the proper paperwork is done first?

What would Harry do with these people? Suggest they form an orderly queue at the Australian Embassy in Kabul and submit paperwork seeking asylum?? Lock them up for five years once they get here for breaking our immigration laws and then pay the cost of mental illness and social dysfunction resulting therefrom?

We have a tough immigration regime, as Harry is tacitly acknowledging, so where is the evidence for a softening, such as it will encourage asylum seekers? People on whose behalf we are fighting a war risk everything – property, family, imprisonment – to get to Australia, undertaking a tortuous and clandestine journey across Asia to finally sail in a leaky boat to Ashmore reef. I’d suggest we have to seriously consider that they are in fact refugees seeking political asylum! Hell, people with such grit and determination should at least be given a chance to put their case. And if their cause is genuine, then let them add to our common wealth. I’m sure they’ll do well, just like the rest of us immigrants have.

Tell us Harry. How would you make it tougher? How would you deal with the current wave of asylum seekers? How would you turn all this around? Or how would Malcolm Turnbull, for that matter. The ‘get tough’ message might have worked a treat for Howard, but these are different times. I suspect the masses recognise the moral hypocrisy of fighting and dying in a war for Iraqis/Afghans and then branding as criminals of suspect character those Iraqi/Afghan refugees who have the temerity to risk everything, including life itself, to turn up on our doorstep seeking shelter and compassion.

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Digger vote a poll winner

NelsonWell that’s alright then. “Troops back Libs on Iraq war”, says Nelson. So maybe 800 Australian troops support the Howard/Bush plan to ‘stay the course’, while maybe 69% of voting Australians and 3 million Iraqis don’t. That’s got to be a vote winner.

And apparently Labor can’t be trusted with the US alliance because Peter Garrett admitted that he is no fan of Dubya or his policies, along with about 80% of the world’s population.

No wonder HowardCo are languishing in the polls with inane and pathetic appeals like these.

Please spare us.

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Australia to Nelson: Don’t test our patience!

Top ScumThe bold-face preposterousness of the man. Who does he think he’s kidding? Defence Minister Brendan Nelson is writing to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to warn him that the patience of the Australian people over the war should not be “excessively tested”.


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Howard warns Iraq – get your act together

Our brave Prime MinisterPrime Minister Howard has sent a letter to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki a week or so ago, telling him to get his act together or public opinion could force Australian and other foreign troops to withdraw. Not surprisingly, he has yet to receive a response.

Last time I looked, the Iraqi government was requesting a troop withdrawal as the only way to begin bringing peace and reconciliation to Iraq. Although Howard’s letter is purely for playing to a domestic electorate, the arrogance of it is breathtaking. The Coalition of the Willing® almost bombed Iraq back to the Stone Age and created the conditions to allow an insurgent war to develop and now Howard wants to blame the Iraqis for not having their shit together.

Howard also advised Al-Maliki that there should be a more equitable distribution of the nation’s oil revenues. I presume that would only apply to what’s left after the foreign oil corporations have taken their ‘share’.

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