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Kevin Rudd to end Resources Boom! – Boom Boom!

Team Howard’s Minister in Charge of Desperate Campaign Scare Tactics Nick Minchin claims The Resources Boom will end if Kevin is elected to government. Has anyone told the mining sector? The sky may also fall and chooks will stop laying, so you’ve been warned. This is predicated on Rudd daring to talk about what happens to our economy in the future, beyond the resources boom.

It is a sign of the desperation of the Coalition that they are promising a final five days of fear campaigning despite the fact that negative campaigning has not worked so far – indeed there is evidence that it works against them in favour of Kevin07.

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  1. Aida says:

    Rudd will make no difference to the house prices, the USA market seems to have all the
    say, as they still control the Trade & Banking
    Even though they are in debt to China up to their necks. We are trading our way through it with China, to the expense of our Environment. Aida of Bowen Basin, Qld. Au.

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