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David Hicks to be locked up until after the election

The news is that David Hicks’ seven year sentence can be suspended to nine months incarceration in Australia. Good news for the Howard government that he will be locked up up until after the expected election in December, and that he is specifically forbidden to speak to the press until he is released. It’s good to have great and powerful friends in the US.

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The Burnley tunnel Truck Grand-Prix

Truck with crushed car in Burnley TunnelSome weeks ago I drove through the Burnley Tunnel during Friday evening peak hour fearing for my life as the traffic hurtled through with tail-gating, lane-hopping semi-trailer freighters, acutely aware that one tiny mishap would bring instant carnage. Read the rest of this entry »

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Australian IT going down the gurgler

According to Grahame Philipson in The Age today if Australia was self-sufficient in IT – or even if our imports equalled our exports – our coal exports could all but disappear and we would be no worse off. Last year, Australia exported $24.5 billion worth of coal, and imported $25 billion in IT goods and services. We import more computer stuff than we export coal.

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Port Fairy Folk Festival washup

Another fabulous Port Fairy Folk Festival has come and gone and the boys and girl survived three days and nights of stellar music and the rigors of the celebrity crush of the Green Room after-hours bar. Having attended the PFFF for about 16 years I’ve seen it grow and grow and it takes a lot of stamina to get through it all, especially as a performer. Consequently, I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front as I recover. Even so, it’s always an inspiring festival.

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Larry v Katrina – the difference is how the ‘underclass’ behaves!

On the anniversary of Cyclone Larry it is appropriate to celebrate and appreciate the courage and determination of the people of Innisfail. Contributing Bastard, JR at A Western Heart takes it as an opportunity to suggest:

…that the North Queensland town of Innisfail got a bigger blow than New Orleans did but there were no deaths and the place is mostly back to normal after only a week. The difference between how an underclass behaves and how country people behave might have something to do with it.

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“Which lying bastards are you going to trust?”

I suspect that the logic behind Howard and Costello’s mudslinging campaign goes like this: the voters know we’re lying bastards, so let’s try to show them that Kevin Rudd is a lying bastard too. Once the voters know that both parties are lying bastards, we can then campaign on “Which lying bastards are you going to trust?” Read the rest of this entry »

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Gathering of the tribes at Port Fairy

Shane Howard’s haunting song, Tarerer, was inspired by the story of how the indigenous tribes would gather at the place we call Port Fairy at this time of the year when the eels return to the sea in mass migration. There would be feasting, corroborees, trading, marriages, and the political business of the tribal nation. This coming Labour Day weekend is the 31st Port Fairy Folk Festival, and our modern tribes, from Toorak society to the feral fringe, will gather to enjoy a celebration of all that is best in contemporary and traditional music and experience a palpable and joyful sense of community. All very life affirming. I imagine there might even be a few Howard jokes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Honest, straightforward and coherent – Rudd 1, Costello -1

As far as tonight’s TV interviews go Rudd came across as honest, stright forward and coherent. On Lateline, Costello came on like a man possessed, thumping the desk, over-excited, eyes popping and dodging questions with relish. A vote for Rudd is a vote for Keating! The man is losing it. Qelle embarrassment! Time to stop digging Pete. Read the rest of this entry »

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Immigration – it’s the economy, stupid!

Over the last few days I’ve heard Phillipe Legrain speaking on Radio National about his recent book Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them. He argues that a freer approach to immigration is as essential to the free market global economy as the free exchange of goods and capital. To claim otherwise, is to be economically illiterate and hypocritical. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who ya gonna trust? Mr Magoo or the Lying Rodent?

When Howard has secret meetings Dick Cheney, discussions with the nuclear lobby, or when Ministers meet with corporate or Christian lobbyists, it’s all right and proper, as God surely meant it to be. When a Labor politician meets with a lobbyist or trade union leader it is disgraceful – they must be up to no good. What a crock! It’s what politicians do. It’s how the system works, for better or worse. “Politician meets with lobbyist!” Shock! Horror! Read the rest of this entry »

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