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The Court giveth and Howard taketh away

Releasing Dr Mohammed Haneef clearly was never part of the Howard government’s script. The flimsiest of charges has been laid (recklessly giving a SIM card to his cousin) and Magistrate Jacqui Payne granted bail this morning on the grounds that there was no direct link to a terrorist organisation in Britain. Whereupon Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews revokes Haneef’s work visa and locks him up in a detention centre on the grounds of ‘undesirable character’! You gotta give him points for chutzpah. None of that innocent until proven guilty claptrap – this man is a danger to society.

This is all a mess of the government’s making – desperately keen to talk up the case to bolster its ‘tough on terror’ electoral credentials with the unedifying spectacle of the nation’s Attorney General and Australian Federal Police chief providing running commentary to the media everyday (I thought that was illegal under the terror legislation?). It’s turned out to be a storm in a teacup, but there was no way the government could back down so it’s come to this. The wiser course would have been to release Haneef uncharged, possibly under a surveillance regime with surrendered passport, and spin the story of how effective the new laws are, and contrary to all that civil libertarian scaremongering, that an innocent person will be freed. But no, let’s get tough, look insanely unreasonable and make a martyr out of the man

Unfortunately for HowardCo, it’s just more to fuel the growing voter suspicion and dissatisfaction – add ruthless, petty and vindictive to mean and tricky.

I guess that’s why separation of power between the government and the police has been part of the great Westminster tradition for so long, until now. This demonstrates that no-one is safe from being locked up by political whim of the government of the day.

‘Liberals’ my arse.

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