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To the few who would notice, I haven’t blogged much of late as my energies have been spent elsewhere, such as banjo jamborees, a lot back end stuff rebuilding a band website, and tweaking Blogotariat among other things. Generally taking care of business in my spare time.

Besides, the state of play in Australian politics at the moment is so desultory and nauseating it’s hard to find the inspiration amongst all the noise. Just bring it on chrissakes and spare us the the crap that passes for political debate and reportage!

ABC2 just re-screened the making of John Lennon’s classic album Imagine. In the summer of 1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono went into the studio of their estate at Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England and recorded the classic album Imagine. Every aspect of the recording sessions was filmed and forms the core of this now poignant film, made when the Lennon genius was probably at its peak. Yoko and John were in the first flush of their romance. He still had his youthful vitality and many more songs and creative paths to follow, and there was a simplicity to his life still, although he was world-famous and a multi-millionaire.

Gimme Some Truth sums it all up rather well I think.

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Man of Steel becomes Man of Lead

Possum PollyticsWith the latest polls suggesting a possible ALP majority in excess of 60 seats, the dazzling wizard of all things statistical, Possum Comitatus has once again produced a stunning statistical analysis of the recent Crosby Textor polling to reveal why the Coalition are set to lose the election and are now merely in damage control mode trying to fire wall whatever seats they think are worth trying to save.

Essential reading for anyone wishing to comprehend what is shaping up to be the mother of all Australian electoral defeats, and why last minute swapping of the deck chairs or pork-barreling will do little or nothing to save the Coalition’s bacon.

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Election morning-after op-ed revisionism

John HowardWith two prominent Howard cheerleaders, Albrechtson and Kelly at The Australian, suggesting he should step aside surely is an acknowledgment that Howard’s reign is terminally ill. The RN panel this morning unanimously predicted an Oct 20 election.

It will be interesting to see how the MSM commentariat will justify themselves in the election morning-after to say that they saw it coming – “I, for one, welcome our new Labor overlords.” The spin at The Australian suggests that the problem lies with Howard’s image, or that people are bored with him. In reality, people are simply fed up with the Coalition’s policy direction, general demeanour and incompetence. As the less couth of my colleagues in the hillbilly music business would say, “Nah, they’re just a pack of c*nts.” Any notion of swapping Howard at this late stage is an early admission of defeat and would be about containing the magnitude of the loss – say annihilation rather than devastation.

And what will the commentariat put Howard’s loss down to? I, for one, suggest that it comes down to the abuse of the Coalition’s unexpected Senate majority. Howard promised he would use the power wisely, and then proceeded to ram ill-considered and poorly drafted legislation through parliament, without mandate (foremost being WorkChoices), and abusing parliamentary process to boot. The old ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ story. So that’s my prediction and you heard it here first.

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Digger vote a poll winner

NelsonWell that’s alright then. “Troops back Libs on Iraq war”, says Nelson. So maybe 800 Australian troops support the Howard/Bush plan to ‘stay the course’, while maybe 69% of voting Australians and 3 million Iraqis don’t. That’s got to be a vote winner.

And apparently Labor can’t be trusted with the US alliance because Peter Garrett admitted that he is no fan of Dubya or his policies, along with about 80% of the world’s population.

No wonder HowardCo are languishing in the polls with inane and pathetic appeals like these.

Please spare us.

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