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Andrews->Haneef: Goodbye & Good Riddance & Don’t come back!

kevinandrews.gifFederal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews gives even sanctimonious lip-serving Christians a bad name with his parting shot at Dr. Muhammad Haneef. And don’t bother coming back! I have secret information that he is of bad character. Just see, even his leaving Australia in the middle of the night is suspicious!

As a veteran of half a dozen or so trips to India, the reality of airline scheduling is that almost all flights with transit connections to India leave around 1.00 am – the proverbial red-eye express.

The malicious, libelous temerity of that nice Christian man, Kevin Andrews appalls and surprises even this hardened cynic. He couldn’t resist a parting shot to shore up his shoddy reputation. I guess the least you could say is that he is a faithful servant to his master Howard. But then, even dogs do that.

Better say some extra prayers, Kevin. I doubt even Jesus will save his sorry ass.

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The cost of groceries and the cost of change

Heatwave fans killer fires in EuropeDoing my shopping expedition today I was amazed to see zucchinis at $14kg and green beans at $20kg. No wonder the punters are complaining about the cost of groceries. We’ve had a colder than usual winter and lots of floods, so it’s to be expected that we’ll all have to wear the cost. Meanwhile, 27 die, nearly three million hit by floods in India, and Europe heatwave kills hundreds. I guess those insurance premiums are gonna keep going up too.

Global warming/climate change denialism has at its heart, the individual fear that it will cost me personally or require that I change my ways. The denialist wants things to keep going as they have been, without cost or inconvenience. Yet extreme weather events, more than likely climate change enhanced, do cost us more in ways we cannot control and will continue to do so at an alarming rate. To my mind, it is more prudent to spend money on prevention and change the things we do have influence over. It will cost, one way or the other.

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Liberty demands justice

Much is being said in ozblogistan tonight about the release of Dr. Haneef, the culpability of the government and its ministers, the devastating effects on Haneef’s family and future prospects, a compliant MSM, and the mobs rising up with cricket bats to vote the bastards out. And yet again the lax cats are strangely quiet. For the libertarian this must be an excellent case study of what happens when you manipulate the legal system for political gain while sacrificing justice in the undue process. And here I was thinking that nice Mr Andrews was a good Christian man!

Some gold moments from Ken’s excellent Beneath contempt at the Road to Surfdom.

“I reckon Howard’s mob misjudged this thing from the get-go and a lot of people are very pissed off, first at their transparent duplicity and then at their gutless refusal to accept any accountability.”

“Competent Government? Not likely. More like amateur night at the Dixie Bar and Grill.

And these bozos expect people to vote for them?”

“So now the good Doctor can return to his Unit of the Gold Coast that has now been relet to another. He wasn’t got a work permit. he hasn’t got any funds. He has an aeroplane ticket that past its used-by-date.

And this is justice?

Andrews and Ruddock along with Keelty and Bugg must go. I assume that the Rodent has already gone; just a political corpse swinning in the breeze”

“Haneef should be receiving some kind of compensation. His career in this country has been destroyed and his name sullied. I don’t know what it will be like for him in India, but as far as this country is concerned, we OWE him big time.

If Howard doesn’t have the decency to correct this injustice, first of all by reinstating his visa, then it just further underscores why this government needs to be given the boot.”

“Just what the hell has happened to this once great country, now morally bankrupt? Our reputation around the world stinks like a rotten banana republic naturally would, we have inflamed the entire Muslim world unnecessarily, we have off-sided all of Asia who once tried to welcome us, and we’re hated around the Pacific Rim. While we still think we’re top of the pops, ask anyone overseas how they perceive invasion-addicted Australia today: probably as anyone would view a sewer, I suppose.”

Perhaps the Islamic Fundy Terrorist situation is worse than we think…perhaps it’s not…but the kind of backlash the Federal Govts., Federal Police & such are getting is what comes w/ the PEOPLE losing TRUST in them. And letting a profit seeking, corrupted media & other Enablers define the issues & set the agenda.”

“Is it not sad to see a persons life, I suggest probably ruined , also the hopes of that persons family in maybe what they were thinking of as a new future, by the likes of Howard,Ruddock, Andrews and Downer, plus.
Just a red wine question, how many lives have Howard, Ruddock and etc; in the carrying out of their ‘entitled’ positions, saved in relation to the medical profession,and socially aware groups.
Well, I guess none, I also guess that a lot of misery and death has occurred in the sheer self interest of the last eleven years. The last eleven years in Australia have been , I was going to say , embarrassing , for some of us, I now say that after the last few days, ok, last few months, for our position and consideration in the rest of the world, this mob has to go, Howard is certain he has made his mark,well, Howard, for most of us and for most of the rest of the world , it’s a smear.”

“From what I heard, from his lawyers, there will be no deals done. He will not leave the country until his name is completely cleared.
And correctly so, as you need to be able to travel, anywhere, without fear.

He wants to be a doctor and physician. He needs his record completely sound to continue his work and education. A fairly reasonable ‘ask’ given the bullshit he has been forced to deal with.”

“There must be accountability for this, and I don’t just mean this bastard government at the ballot box – they deserve to be annihilated, regardless of the Haneef case. Much as I’d be happy to see Keelty and Bugg forced out, we all know that they are not the real villains. Culpable as they are, they are merely the latest in a long line of government officials to have been bludgeoned into behaving in the way in which they believe their corrupt political masters expect. The stupid bastards still haven’t learned that, not only will they not be thanked for it, as soon as it all turns to shit, they’ll be abandoned by those same masters so fast they won’t even see it coming.

No, there’ll be little satisfaction in the dumping of a DPP or an AFP Commissioner. Ken is right, there MUST be Ministerial accountability. Since we all know they won’t go willingly, the challenge is now for the MSM to hound them out. If this isn’t enough to galvanise them into serious action, whatever would be?”

And a veritable angry mob has gathered at Blogocracy.

I guess it will undermine the effectiveness of their next attempt to woo the voters “we have uncovered a terrorist plot to blow up all the world leaders” at APEC in Sydney. Bugger!

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Extreme weather silences wingnuts?

BritainA breath of Spring-like weather blowing across Victoria today turned my thoughts to climate change and denialists. When the cold weather hit Eastern Australia back in June with drought-breaking rain and freezing winds, wingnuts were falling over themselves to pronounce that this was the clinching evidence that global warming and climate change were merely figments of tax-eating lefty conspiricist imaginations and loathing. Yet the usual suspects are strangely silent of late in blogging about the many extreme weather events happening around the planet.

Devastating floods in Britain, Texas, Indonesia, China, and La Niña threatening to cause more extreme weather in the form of monsoons in Asia and Atlantic hurricanes (the kind that flattened New Orleans), are strangely absent from the tabloid daily news commentary emanating from wingnut blogs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Haneef’s barrister takes on Ruddock – come and take me!

Haneef’s barrister Stephen Keim says he had no choice but to leak the documentary evidence concerning the terrorist charges against his client in the face of what he sees as the government skewing the evidence on what is a very weak case and unlikely to withstand scrutiny in a court of law. Come and take me if I’ve done anything wrong! Read the rest of this entry »

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Where is Bryan’s OzPolitics?

OzPolitics has been off the air for more than a day now, no doubt missed by his many devout polblog readers. I, for one, am suffering withdrawal pangs.


The web site you’ve requested is not available at this time. If you are the account owner, please contact your hosting service provider for further information and assistance.

This is the message from the rather ominous looking URL

With the MSM taking a beating over the last week or so from blogs for range and depth of critical commentary on the accelerated unravelling of the federal government, has the evil hand of HowardCo shut him down? I’m sure it’s just a server/hosting issue but any news would be welcome.

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Mortgage stress? Debt maxed out? You’ve never had it so good!

More than 500,000 households are suffering mortgage stress with families struggling just make ends meet under burgeoning debt levels. The government’s response from the parallel universe?

Wages have grown 25%, the economy is booming, stocks are rising, unemployment is low – we’ve created a climate where the battlers can now choose to buy a more expensive house!

You’ve never had it so good you ungrateful bastards.

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How to stop indigenous child abuse? More police!

Rather than addressing the causes of criminality in indigenous communities Minister Mal Brough is doing what any self-respecting narrow-minded reactionary would do. Got a problem with crime? The answer is more police! Oh, and more prisons. Gotta get tough. Stamp it out! That’ll learn ’em good.

The shorter Mal Brough on ABC’s Lateline:

‘No I am not worried by the failure of the Indigenous Emergency to improve the government’s standing in the polls. This is not about politics. It’s about making sure the indigenous kiddies are protected and safe in their communities. The best way to do this is to have more police and police stations so the kiddies have somewhere safe to turn to.

This will be a joint Federal/State repsonsibility. We’ll supply soldiers and doctors but the States will have to pay for the police and make it all happen. The States have neglected the situation for far too long and we’re going to set them right!’

Brough clearly has no understanding of policing child abuse. Abused children do not just walk in to the nearest police station to report the crime. It is more frequently discovered by community workers, teachers, etc. But hey, this is not about politics, this is doing something in an emergency!

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Religions have their origins as systems for spirituality

Bannerman’s musings on the events of the day inspired the following reflection on the nature of organised religion, and it’s relationship, if any, with the human urge to spirituality. So for those in pursuit of the Dog’s Bollocks I post some relevant comments here.

Organised religions have their origins as systems to attain spirituality (however it be culturally defined) but are not that actual spirituality.

Although manifold and various in abundance, the failings of organised religions are not sufficient grounds to condemn the notion of individual spiritual growth, for it is a universal tendency of humankind.

The religious systems historically have acted in concert with the governance of the State, and so become battlefields for politics and commerce, which we are now seeing on a global scale. It is no accident that Bush’s neoconservative free market US is politically dominated by apoclyptic Christians wanting to bring it on down so that the End Days will arrive, Jesus will appear, and all true believers will be raptured, youthful and whole, into the radiance of God’s heavenly realm. Equally as narcissistically insane as ‘the mad mullahs’ fighting God’s great battle to literally die by the sword, to attain 17 virgins in heaven.

But the point is that the scriptures of both these Abrahamic religious traditions should correctly be regarded as metaphors for the personal struggle for spirituality, not a political handbook. People tend to confuse the two, especially if vulnerable to manipulation by unscrupulous leaders and politicians.

As they say, you shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. And these days, there’s a whole lot more bathwater than baby.

It comes across as a bit wholesome at times, but the Compass program, The Quiet Revolution last night was interesting in this respect. Looking at some individuals’ efforts to extract the baby from the bathwater.

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The Court giveth and Howard taketh away

Releasing Dr Mohammed Haneef clearly was never part of the Howard government’s script. The flimsiest of charges has been laid (recklessly giving a SIM card to his cousin) and Magistrate Jacqui Payne granted bail this morning on the grounds that there was no direct link to a terrorist organisation in Britain. Whereupon Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews revokes Haneef’s work visa and locks him up in a detention centre on the grounds of ‘undesirable character’! You gotta give him points for chutzpah. None of that innocent until proven guilty claptrap – this man is a danger to society. Read the rest of this entry »

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