The Dog’s Bollocks

Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.


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  1. Mike & Jack says:

    G’day … is very new and we’re looking for relevant sites with whom we can trade links. Drop us a line if you’re interested and we’ll get yours organised straight away.
    Cheers ~ Mike & Jack

  2. No_limits13 says:

    But if we remember that without a spring the clock is gradually slowed down by friction, we find that this process can only be understood as a statistical phenomenon. ,

  3. Merlin77 says:

    What is the percentile effort that needs to be devoted to research, teaching and service in this institution? ,

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The Dog’s Bollocks

What they say

The Dog's Bollocks: "Bollocks" is one of my favourite words, and this is now one of my favourite blogs and I've only been reading it for five minutes. – John Surname

This is the person who tried to analyse Hayek. This is actually a person who needs a shrink. – JC

Shut up slim. You’re an idiot.
Just you stay honest and keep that thinking cap on. – GMB

Insightful perspectives on politics and discussion of matters epistemological? I’m sold! - Bruce

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