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Germaine Greer and tall poppy parochialism

You couldn’t help but notice that Germaine Greer is in Australia promoting her latest provocative essay on the significance of rage in the social dysfunction of many indigenous men in many aboriginal communities.

Rather than engage with her argument that white Australia has failed to recognise a significant contributive cause to the poor state of aboriginal communities and that progress will be difficult until we deal with it, the MSM and our finest journalists choose to dodge the issue by pushing the conservative ‘individual responsibility’ line and defending Howard’s Intervention.

In her Age op-ed today Tracee Hutchison is critical of Greer, not for what she is saying, but because she doesn’t live here anymore so therefore she shouldn’t comment on life in ‘the colonies’.

Greer grew up here, has friends and family here, regularly returns here and no doubt reads widely about events in Australia using the same sources as does Tracee in her comfortable suburban residence so who’s to say she isn’t well-informed, even if you don’t agree with her?

Parochial piffle passed off as journalism worthy of the editorial pages! More like thinking man’s Bolt. Bolt-lite for the intellectual reader.

Like her or loathe her, one thing we can be sure of – Greer will be the subject of future historical consideration of Australian intellectual and political culture. The same can’t be said of Hutchison’s ‘journalism’.

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Of Macs and Politics

I was thiiis close! SP3 update to XP broke Boot Camp. Wasted a day hoping I could fix it. When will I ever LEARN! YOU CAN’T FIX WINDOWS!

Ever the contrarian, I updated my work laptop to a maxed out MacBook. After a couple of years working in Linux alongside Windows the Mac OS seems at once logically familiar but with a robust and really clever interface. Smoother than a shaved eye brow!

And best of all I will shortly have finished transplanting my old and revitalised Windows environment living inside and alongside of the Mac. Twice the fun! The department hasn’t come up with a boot camp image so stuff ’em. I’ve rolled me own! Should be able to inject Windows with Boot Camp and Parallels into some other macs in under an hour. Even geeky stuff is easier.

I tell people that the only reason that Macs are so good now is because they are finally PCs! Hopefully I will just be able to do more of what I need to do without continually wrangling WIndoze – an operating sytem that really confuses the medium for the message.

Apart from the last week or so of shifting virtual house Australian Politics is pretty tedious at the moment. Presuming Rudd intends to deliver, the big policy actions are still months away, and will be rolled out up to and form the basis of the campaign for the next election.

Oh yeah… and before that I built a community organisational website with forums.

And so it goes.

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