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Andrews->Haneef: Goodbye & Good Riddance & Don’t come back!

kevinandrews.gifFederal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews gives even sanctimonious lip-serving Christians a bad name with his parting shot at Dr. Muhammad Haneef. And don’t bother coming back! I have secret information that he is of bad character. Just see, even his leaving Australia in the middle of the night is suspicious!

As a veteran of half a dozen or so trips to India, the reality of airline scheduling is that almost all flights with transit connections to India leave around 1.00 am – the proverbial red-eye express.

The malicious, libelous temerity of that nice Christian man, Kevin Andrews appalls and surprises even this hardened cynic. He couldn’t resist a parting shot to shore up his shoddy reputation. I guess the least you could say is that he is a faithful servant to his master Howard. But then, even dogs do that.

Better say some extra prayers, Kevin. I doubt even Jesus will save his sorry ass.

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3 Responses

  1. phil says:

    Yes, all the east-west flights transit the subcontient in the middle of the night. It’s not rocket science. Or terrorism. Wonder what Jesus thinks of his flock?

  2. Link says:

    Jesus is appalled and wants us to bring back ostracisms.

  3. Niall says:

    I’m surprised you feel this way, Slim. I’d have thought you much more the realist than to believe any member of the Howardian Cabal to be a non-signatory to the Faustian contract necessary to be one of the inner circle. Andrews is no better than the rest of them. The ring leader being JWH himself with his ‘not my fault’ proclamations.

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