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Religions have their origins as systems for spirituality

Bannerman’s musings on the events of the day inspired the following reflection on the nature of organised religion, and it’s relationship, if any, with the human urge to spirituality. So for those in pursuit of the Dog’s Bollocks I post some relevant comments here.

Organised religions have their origins as systems to attain spirituality (however it be culturally defined) but are not that actual spirituality.

Although manifold and various in abundance, the failings of organised religions are not sufficient grounds to condemn the notion of individual spiritual growth, for it is a universal tendency of humankind.

The religious systems historically have acted in concert with the governance of the State, and so become battlefields for politics and commerce, which we are now seeing on a global scale. It is no accident that Bush’s neoconservative free market US is politically dominated by apoclyptic Christians wanting to bring it on down so that the End Days will arrive, Jesus will appear, and all true believers will be raptured, youthful and whole, into the radiance of God’s heavenly realm. Equally as narcissistically insane as ‘the mad mullahs’ fighting God’s great battle to literally die by the sword, to attain 17 virgins in heaven.

But the point is that the scriptures of both these Abrahamic religious traditions should correctly be regarded as metaphors for the personal struggle for spirituality, not a political handbook. People tend to confuse the two, especially if vulnerable to manipulation by unscrupulous leaders and politicians.

As they say, you shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. And these days, there’s a whole lot more bathwater than baby.

It comes across as a bit wholesome at times, but the Compass program, The Quiet Revolution last night was interesting in this respect. Looking at some individuals’ efforts to extract the baby from the bathwater.

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