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Pre-emptive Al Gore is Fat Blog Strike

Al Gore will be visiting Melbourne next month to address Safe Climate Australia on his plan to switch the US economy to clean energy in 10 years. Expect a flurry of outraged indignation from the usual suspects claiming that there is no such thing as human-produced-CO2-induced climate change because Al Gore is fat and a hypocrite for flying here in a jumbo jet to speak to rent-seeking totalitarian greens who want to destroy civilisation and eat your babies. What to speak of the fact that Safe Climate Australia will be charging exorbitant admission prices so only elitists can attend.

You heard it here first.

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5 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    I had a look at Jennifer’s post Slim. Couldn’t understand the point of it really. Didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

    Isn’t everyone a bit green? Met anybody who hates trees lately? Or thinks that oxygen sucks, eating’s for those damn disease carrying flying vermin of the sky–birds. And as for doing a poo. Never!

    What is that woman on about? Frankly I don’t think she knows or maybe hasn’t been briefed by anyone for a while. Still I think she’s right about a couple of things. I propose a study. Do people who like trees tend to be more intelligent than people who have never ever thought about them before. Err.. (I’ll hazard a guess.) Yes. Do people who like trees tend to be more educated than people who have never thought about trees before. Er . . . Yes. Are people who would consider the implications of removing vast tracts of rainforest and evicting hitherto unknown inhabitants of all species, morally superior to people who would consider none of these things and think only of what they will get out of it and start up their bulldozers and get on with it. Er . . . Yes.

    (oh and if you think my comment is going to start some sort of mindless flame war with the little green/purple/brown folk, please delete it, I won’t mind a bit)

  2. David says:

    This Documentary DVD revealed to me the lie of human created climate change.

  3. slim says:

    Caroline – it just amazes me. 13 Defining the Greens posts and counting. It reminds me of 1940s propaganda – it’s mostly fevered and fearful projections of the Other, with little resemblance to reality. Maybe Jennifer is building the world’s biggest Green Strawman? It will be absolutely ginormous after 100 posts, and then it will be set on fire while skeptics and denialists dance around it without their clothes and banging on drums.

    Louis Hissink made an intersting comment over there:

    The Greens are essentially utopians.

    I think, on this, he is correct. Capitalists, on the other hand, are essentially exploitative. From my perspective, that is the essential dichotomy and paradox of human existence, both among and within ourselves. The desire to cooperate for the good of all and the desire to exploit for private gain. I and Thou or I and Other. Greens, Capitalists, Teh Left, The Right are labels we use to judge where people are at along the spectrum.

    At Larry’s suggestion, Jennifer might start a Defining the Skeptics series. Luke offered to set the ball rolling: Let’s see – defining the sceptics – right wing, geologist, economist, retired, conspiracy theorist, wrong, evil, … LOL !

    Ya gotta laugh!

  4. slim says:

    Cheers David. I haven’t watched Al Gore’s film either. I draw my conclusions from what I read. I was trained in Zoology and Biocehemisty and more I’m inclined to give weight to what the scientific community has to say, rather than polemicists – be they film makers or environmental blog writers 🙂

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