The Dog’s Bollocks

Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

Peter Costello is confused

And I have this much credibility.

Peter Costello is both confused and confusing.

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4 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    Yeah . . . but. Kevin as he describes himself–abloke? This does not compute. Chappie would demonstrate a more profound level of insight I’d have thought. And I haven’t heard anyone say fair shake of the sauce bottle ever. But should I, my suspicion meter will go off the dial, as I wonder, Is this person ‘fair dinkum’? Another only used by insecure pollies these days.

    Haven’t they heard? They were instrutemental in it. We’s been americanised and its all awesome.

  2. slim says:

    It may have been a dyslexic slip of the tongue rather than a ruse to appear like a normal bloke, yet the media want to to run with the out of touch elitist meme. By definition, surely a PM is out of touch and elitist?

  3. Caroline says:

    Peter Costello is also a free man. What a relief that must be, to willingly quit. No doubt we can expect quite a few more ‘opinion’ pieces from him, on anything from film to economics commentary.

  4. dave from melbourne says:

    Hey great site, just stumbled across it – keep it up!

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