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Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

Just gimme some truth…

To the few who would notice, I haven’t blogged much of late as my energies have been spent elsewhere, such as banjo jamborees, a lot back end stuff rebuilding a band website, and tweaking Blogotariat among other things. Generally taking care of business in my spare time.

Besides, the state of play in Australian politics at the moment is so desultory and nauseating it’s hard to find the inspiration amongst all the noise. Just bring it on chrissakes and spare us the the crap that passes for political debate and reportage!

ABC2 just re-screened the making of John Lennon’s classic album Imagine. In the summer of 1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono went into the studio of their estate at Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England and recorded the classic album Imagine. Every aspect of the recording sessions was filmed and forms the core of this now poignant film, made when the Lennon genius was probably at its peak. Yoko and John were in the first flush of their romance. He still had his youthful vitality and many more songs and creative paths to follow, and there was a simplicity to his life still, although he was world-famous and a multi-millionaire.

Gimme Some Truth sums it all up rather well I think.

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3 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi Slim, wondered where you’d got to. Banjo jamboree. Sheesh.

    I agree about getting it bloody over and done with. I hate to think that the LNP could still fall over the line and wish that Howard would make the trip to Yarralumla now. He had to watch the effing footy last weekend, maybe next? A weeks’a long time as they say.

  2. slim says:

    Hi Caroline! How’s Luke coming along?

    The Banjo Jamboree is much better than it sounds (apart from the banjos). Central Victoria is a bit like old hippie central. Lots of straight-forward generous people. Unlike my home town, the ‘arsehole’ count for the weekend was extremely low – in fact only one – and he was simply off his meds and playing football with a 14 yr old in the highway traffic. I had a great campfire session on Saturday night with some ‘youngsters’ sharing some Townes songs. Even managed to eventually remember all the verses to Tecumseh Valley. In my experience you gotta travel a long way to find a Townes campfire session and it was worth every bit of it.

    Newspoll founder Sol Lebovic was on Lateline last night explaining that Labor’s vote is soft – he was basically saying that the polls can’t be right because that would mean a 50 year record swing against the government, and that couldn’t possibly be right. So even Newspoll don’t understand their own polling! On the other hand, Hugh MacKay addressed the same Sydney Institute audience and argues that the persistent gap in the polls is real and reflects that under Howard we have been in a dream time and the electorate is now waking up with issues like Work Choices, David Hicks, climate change, housing being no longer acceptable. He argues that the election campaign will simply reinforce the gap rather than close it. So there is hope yet. Prolonging the agony may well still work against the government – especially considering Possum Pollytics brilliant analysis of voting intentions.

  3. Caroline says:

    Luke’s fine, still has a bit of a limp.

    I very much miss the live music I was spoilt by in the Blue Mountains, where there was a big contingent of Irish diddley players. Sunday afternoon sessions at the local were fantastic, twenty or more players, somehow all knowing the same jigs and reels. Occasionally someone would hand me their bodhran to stop me breaking the salt and pepper shakers. I loved it. Didn’t have to talk, just play. Nothing beats the feeling of live music when it ‘takes off’ and somehow becomes an entity of its own.

    Rudd has made one obvious slip up and was made a meal of. Being thus far so seemingly ‘perfect’ its a hard act to keep up, so any stuff ups become ever more magnified. I’d like to think that the overwhelming majority are sick of Howard, but as the adage goes, don’t count your chickens. I think the longer he stalls the more damage he is doing to his own cause, less in the interim Rudd stuffs up.

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