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Rudd’s Cunning Stunts

Cunning StuntsReturning from three days of bush camping and music making where the only reference to the outside world was the AFL Grand Final (Go Cats! And how about that Prime Ministerial crowd booing?) I find Tony Abbott on my TV screen complaining how Kevin Rudd’s latest pronouncements on hospital policy was just another Labor party ‘stunt’. It seems that all the Coalition are coming up with at the moment is to dismiss any Labor announcement as a stunt, rather than voicing an inspiring policy vision of their own.

Tony Abbott’s subtext last night was a pathetic “If you think the hospital system is bad under us, wait and see how much worse it will be under Rudd.” Hardly an inspirational election winning message.

As another blogger remarked, the longer the non-election campaign goes on the more Rudd is looking like the alternative PM in waiting. Perhaps Howard is hoping for the US to declare war on Iran so he can declare a national state of war and postpone the election indefinitely, or at least until the War on Terror is won. After all, it has been proven scientifically that Conservative government is the natural state of the universe – the way God meant it to be.

Until Howard’s ministers come up with more than dismissing Rudd’s cunning stunts, the Coalition increasingly look like a pack of less than stunning c*nts.

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