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Day 11 – Unions, Interest Rates and Unions

The AgeAs exciting as this election campaign is, it’s hard to believe that there are only 4 more weeks to go! Yay! Media fatigue has set in at the end of the second week with most election stories running after the headline news. With relentless daily pork-barreling, one announcement seems much like another.

Day 11 play was preoccupied with interest rates and union bashing. The World’s Second Greatest Treasurer Peter Costello is warning of an impending economic armageddon and possible global meltdown if Labor is elected and all those anti-business union thugs have their evil way. Meanwhile the banks are telling Costello to butt out – determining interest rates is none of his business, even though they would always be lower under a Coalition government (it’s some kind of law of nature).

Union bashing was one of the few issues that The Worm gave a positive response to Team Howard so no doubt this will continue right up until the final siren sound. I think is time Kevin07 ran some ads mirroring the theme that a Coalition government would be dominated by lawyers with links to anti-working-family Merchant Bankers and Big Business. What harm could it do?

With much of the Commentariat speculating that an interest rate rise will be a nail in the coffin for Team Howard, another point for Kevin07.

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