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Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

McEducation – Bishop’s vision for the future

So Julie Bishop reckons we can’t afford to fund public education as much as we should, so we’ll get some corporate sponsors in through private public partnerships. Great idea! Do these guys know how to get re-elected or what? If the outsourcing of Centrelink is anything to go by, it will be a cash cow for business – think Therese Rein – as public and private funds intermingle in shadowy ways.

Great efficiency booster – managing public service with profitable private investors. Balance of funds shifts from service provision to share holder profit – think ABC Learning who would love to build a chain of McPrivateForThe Aspirational schools near all the McMansion gated suburbs. Old Money Private Schools will continue to discretely cream public money and the nouveau riche to take care of their own to provide society’s natural-born leaders, doctors and lawyers. Let the public schools be training factories for churning out fodder for the McFranchise Corporations! Social engineering free-market style.

Who says the class war is dead? Remind me again, how many $10 billions are we spending on military support for the US alliance? We’re dumber than a bag of hammers if we buy Bishop’s narrow and limiting vision of a utopian freemarket future.

The fear campaign is working. Every policy pronouncement made by HowardCo makes me fearful for the future peace and prosperity of Australian culture. Fair go, mate.

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