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Is Green the new Red, White and Blue?

Driving home on the Great Ocean Road this afternoon I heard a ripping conversation between Thomas Friedman and Philip Adams. Well worth a listen for a straight-shooting analysis of economics and the realities of survival in an overcrowded environment and our toxic addiction to growth that has lead to petro-authoritarianism. Friedman was highly amused by Adam’s reference to the USSA.

US author and columnist Thomas Freidman has won three Pulitzer prizes, his last book, The World Is Flat, was an international bestseller. In his new book he argues green politics has to be re-branded in the US, so that it is no longer the sole domain of liberals, but is something every red, white, and blue NASCAR Dad and Soccer Mom sees as patriotic and essential.

Thomas Friedman: Hot, Flat and Crowded – Late Night Live – 13 October 2008

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The Dog’s Bollocks

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