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The Intervention – The Katherine Klusterfuk

The impact of The Intervention on remote aboriginal communities outside of Katherine is, as a local community worker lamented, some kind of madness, extreme. There are no winners here.

Self-respecting liberal Howardians should be appalled at the crushing of individual liberty and initiative of decent law-abiding indigenous Australian citizens, especially the dismantling of employment projects in order to facilitate quarantining of income. CItizens who find their families once again under direct government control while the media brand loving and caring fathers as alcoholic child molesters, peadophiles and wife bashers. Kind and decent humans made to feel substandard, disempowered and demoralised.

And Kevin Rudd should be ashamed for allowing it to continue.

Help is needed, but it has to be shaped from the hearts of minds of everyone – it can’t be imposed from outside.

That is all.

The Intervention

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The Dog’s Bollocks

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