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Polar bears head south for the summer

Must be all that global cooling. It’s enough to make a self-respecting bear wanna head south for some warmer weather.

Another polar bear has been discovered in Iceland, which is hundreds of kilometres from the threatened species’ natural habitat.

Polar bears are rare sightings in Iceland, since they have to swim hundreds of kilometres through icy waters to reach the island from their natural Arctic habitats. The bear discovered on Monday is the second spotted on the island in the past two weeks.

The bears’ appearances could lend credence to warnings from experts that climate change is creating a more perilous environment for the majestic Arctic animals.A warming climate means the ice – where the bears usually hunt the seals – is receding and literally melting under their paws, forcing them to swim ever greater distances.

Another polar bear sighted in Iceland – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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