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Malcolm in a muddle III

trufflesThe pressure on Malcolm Turnbuill to come to the table on the carbon emissions trading scheme begins in earnest.

The head of gas and petrol producer Shell Australia has called on the Opposition to support the Government’s revised emissions trading scheme.

Shell urges Turnbull to pass climate scheme – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

OK, we all understand that Malcolm is not happy with it, so maybe it’s about time he told us exactly what he is not happy with and what his alternative is. The trouble is, I don’t think the Liberals actually know what their policy is. They’ve milked it for all the politics they can get, but the ball is back in their court. If The Liberals don’t come up with something soon, they’ll continue to look like a pathetically disorganised and opportunistic rabble. I doubt Turnbull has the balls for a double dissolution, so he needs to do something, and fast.

So how about it Malcolm?

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Liberals still on track to irrelevance

The behavior of Federal Liberals these days reminds of the Young Liberals way back when I was first at university. But then again, they mostly are the Young Liberals from those days. Turnbull’s crash and burn strategy, while rich with purile lawyerly debating tricks, is no substitute for actually having a policy stance.

What exactly do they stand for? What would they do differently? Trouble is we have no idea, nor I suspect, do they. Our economic stimulus package would be 5% bigger/smaller than Rudd’s? That’s the problem with presuming to be the natural party of government. The economy would naturally be better under the Liberals. How so? If they have any ideas, we don’t know what they are. All we hear is political static. In a week when the Government announces a $6billion automotive industry package what do the Opposition have to say? Nothing but obsessing over whether or not Dubya knows what the G20 is and whether Rudd leaked the information. Confidence inspiring stuff – not.

Unfortunately for the Liberals, and the health of our democracy, they are determined to stick by my post-election strategy from 12 months ago. There is no evidence to suggest that the Liberals will return to Federal power any time this decade.

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