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The Evolution of Nature’s Destiny

Michael DentonIn 1985, a book by a largely unknown Australian biologist and physician, Michael Denton, was published in London: Evolution: A Theory in Crisis and soon won a wide and appreciative audience. Denton offered a systematic critique of neo-Darwinism, evaluating skeptically both the mechanism of evolution, and the patterns of evidence (fossil, embryological, anatomical, molecular) usually adduced in support of the theory of common descent. His book was instrumental in starting the intelligent design movement.

In August 1998, Denton’s eagerly-awaited second book arrived: Nature’s Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe. Readers expecting a continuation of the arguments of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, however, found a line of argument markedly different from the earlier book. Although much of Denton’s skepticism about neo-Darwinism remained, gone were the challenges to the theory of universal common descent–i.e., the common ancestry of all terrestrial organisms–which had made Evolution especially controversial with mainstream biologists. In their place was an unstinting advocacy of common descent, and a notion of “directed evolution” in which the historical unfolding of life on earth was “built into” the universe from the start.1

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Fall in global music sales and the rise of independents

Global music sales are predicted to fall, with overall music sales in 2009 predicted to generate $US23 billion, roughly half the level of a decade earlier. The decline is attributed to downloading and piracy but I suggest it is a consequence of the risk-averse corporatised global music industry itself. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Burnley tunnel Truck Grand-Prix

Truck with crushed car in Burnley TunnelSome weeks ago I drove through the Burnley Tunnel during Friday evening peak hour fearing for my life as the traffic hurtled through with tail-gating, lane-hopping semi-trailer freighters, acutely aware that one tiny mishap would bring instant carnage. Read the rest of this entry »

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Australian IT going down the gurgler

According to Grahame Philipson in The Age today if Australia was self-sufficient in IT – or even if our imports equalled our exports – our coal exports could all but disappear and we would be no worse off. Last year, Australia exported $24.5 billion worth of coal, and imported $25 billion in IT goods and services. We import more computer stuff than we export coal.

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iPhone to save Apple iHope

The eagerly awaited Apple iPhone has been unveiled by Steve Jobs to a predictable chorus of “oohs!’ and ‘ahhs!’

An impressive beast it is – reading the latest emails and listening to itunes while Google Maps show you the quickest way to Starbucks – all with the flick and pinch of your fingers.

Apple was in big trouble and fighting for its survival when saved by the iPod. However, the iPod bubble is contracting, sales and manufacturing is declining, and the shareholders aren’t happy with the share price heading south. Now the iPhone is hoped to be Apple’s economic saviour, aiming for 1% of the global mobile phone market within a year or so.I wonder if this will actually be the case, for the devil is in the detail. Read the rest of this entry »

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