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The Denial Machine – abridged version

The Denial Machine, on Four Corners last night, tells the now-familiar story of how fossil fuel corporations have kept the global warming debate alive long after most scientists believed that global warming was real and had potentially catastrophic consequences. But it’s worth watching (tonight, 11.35 pm, ABC TV) for the twist in the tale and the appearance of Karl Lunz. Read the rest of this entry »

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Global warming alarmists at it again

That well-known hot-bed of left-wing ideologues (no, not the ABC) the United Nations is about to release its latest propoganda on the state of global warming and climate change.

Containing contributions from 2500 scientists, citing 6000 reports and reviewed by 750 experts operating under a United Nations banner, the first part of the report will be released on Friday after line-by-line consensus is reached on its conclusions.

The most important paragraph in the 1200-page report is the strength of the scientific statement on the question that has most inflamed climate change sceptics — what is driving global warming — according to internationally recognised climate expert Dr Graeme Pearman, a former CSIRO chief of atmospheric research.

“It makes a much stronger statement about unequivocal evidence of air and ocean temperature rises, of the melting of snow and ice and the raising of sea levels, and that the effect is from human activities,” he said. The report says the human influence on climate is at least five times that of any natural variation of the sun.

Thank god we have the IPA and its minions, Andrew Bolt and others, working overtime to quickly discredit this outrageous report by quoting some industry-sponsored dissenters and save us from these party-pooping conspirisists who would seek to undermine our way of life in the greatest country on earth purely from the self-serving desire for personal profit and furthering of their careers.

Disgraceful and un-Australian!

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Wither the comet…

Comet McNaught from The AgeWe saw the comet tonight around 10.00pm in the clear south western sky over the horizon of the Otway ranges. Pretty cool thing. A screaming burning hunk of spunk flung from the burning star of some distant galaxy, on its orbit around our part of the universe, and thought to be returning this way in around a million years time.

Kinda puts things in a different perspective. Will human kind still be around in a million years? And if so, in what form might they be? And where do I fit into all this? Who are these other people around me? How can we live peacefully and prosperously?

I guess that up against questions like that, it’s not surprising that as individuals we tend to seek understanding either through spirit with the hope of salvation, or strive to grab what we can while we have the opportunity ‘cos when you’re dead you’re dead.

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Tim Flannery named Australian of the Year

From ABC Online:

Leading environmental scientist Tim Flannery has been named the 2007 Australian of the Year.
The Prime Minister John Howard has announced the winner of the nation’s highest honour at a ceremony in Canberra.
Mr Howard says as an explorer, writer and climate change crusader Professor Flannery has helped millions better understand the environment.

An astute piece of symbolism from the Howard government, and a worthy recipient. Makes a change from sports players. Must be an election in the offing.

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The economics of denialism vs alarmism

There is a polemic device often found in thread commentary at blogs such as Jennifer Marohasy and elsewhere which claims that environmental ‘alarmists’ are motivated by funding and furthering of academic careers. I guess the logic from a denialist perspective is that as there is no proof of anthrogenic global warming, for example, then anyone working from the point that AGW is a serious concern, must only be motivated by furthering their own careers, whereas denialists are the only ones doing objective, unbiased, serious science, free from any motive but determining evidence-based truth.

Given reports of corporate funding for environmental denialism, I’d like to see evidence-based comparative data about the funding sources, funding levels, and career path opportunities for people working in the denialist and alarmist lobbies. Given that most governments are not that interested in environmental issues such as climate change, where does this funding come from to further the careers of all the alarmists?

Does anyone have any comparative evidence-based data comparing denialism vs alarmism?

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Does biodiversity matter? Do Polar Bears shit on melting ice caps?

Just as well I’m on holiday ‘cos I’m on a roll. Been sporting at Jenny Marohasy‘s environmental blog on a post called Is, how or why biodiversity matters?

While presenting all kinds of serious science stuff in an informative way, Jenny likes to throw the cat among the pigeons and stir the possum from time to time (it is Friday after all). Nevertheless the blog seems to act as a honey-pot for enviroskeptics of all persuasion, to lure in unsuspecting greenies and mug them, or at least waste their time, all in the good name of ‘evidence-based’ political debate about our environment, of course. Read the rest of this entry »

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