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Teh Evil People Smugglers!



PRIME MINISTER Kevin Rudd has said people smugglers are the “vilest form of humanity” and that they should all “rot in hell”. Mr Rudd also called people smugglers “the scum of the earth”. I guess the Liberal Party would agree with him on that one.

Why do they continue to insult our intelligence so? “Ooohh.. this really complex issue is all the fault of Teh Evil People Smugglers!”
Give us a break.

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6 Responses

  1. slim says:

    The Liberals falling over their own feet again. Yesterday it was the government’s fault, today it isn’t. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Maybe the wind will change.

  2. Caroline says:

    Did you by any chance read Richard Flanagan’s The Unknown Terrorist? Its ok, reasonably disturbing, but not a patch on Gould’s Book of Fish or The Sound of One Hand Clapping. In it is a rather disturbing back story, well not really a back story more a vignette one of many to describe what is going down in a cruel, corrupt and crazy Sydney Town. It involves people who are slowly asphyxiating in a shipping container. I can’t remember the details exactly, but basically I think most of them are dead by the time the container is found and opened. There’s a name for the people who profit from such misery I just learned it over at LP–Snakeheads.

    I think Kevvie might be right on this one, but it was probably an inopportune time to voice his fear and loathing and I’m not sure if ‘people smugglers’ who arrange and organise asylum seekers into leaky boats are in the same class as the ones who organise the hapless into shipping containers, still it would be nice to think the net is closing in around them. Which is not to say I have any objections whatsoever to people making their way here by sea.

    Conservatives are such fearful fucking cowards. That’s what really shits me about them.

  3. slim says:

    I also hope that the leaky boat people smugglers are not in the same league. But where there is demand there will be supply and it is simplistic to single out the middle man as the whipping boy. I find it patronising. It’s cheap politics. A bit like the evil terrorist line – we’ll hunt them down, maybe have a war on them! How about putting the pressure on the Indonesian Government? Softly, softly, wouldn’t want to disturb delicate trade relations now would we?

  4. Georgia says:

    I agree – he sounded so shrill and Howardish. Rudd worries me with this kind of language.

  5. strange days indeed says:

    He had to go there. Remember Tampa?

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