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Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

The Blame Flame

Torsten Blackwood)

Lives least 181 people have been killed and entire towns razed. (AFP: Torsten Blackwood)

Peter Costello said it best: “To link the death and suffering of bushfire victims to other political events is appalling, heartless and wrong”. In times of national tragedy it is only respectful and decent to wait until it’s over before launching into half-witted attacks to lay the blame at the feet of your enemies.

So who are the first to break ranks? Danny Nalliah, a self-appointed messianic figure who dreams messages from God, well you hardly expect anything less from someone so deluded. But Chris Mitchell’s effort in The Australian to blame the Greens and Environemntal Activists is surely a new low in editorialising from Rupert’s flagship. Well let’s arrest them and charge them with mass murder shall we?

I’ve seen enough forensic TV drama to know that the living owe the dead the truth. Let the authorities do their work and gather whatever information is relevant. Then we might be able to make sense of what happened. How did government respond to the accurate CFA warning about places like Maryville and Kinglake? How well is our volunteer CFA and SES resourced? How effective are shire planning and building regulations? What is the proper balance between individual freedom to live where they want and the expectation that government and community can protect you?

Let’s think about these things in the fullness of time before apportioning blame to our favourite boogey men.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave Bath says:

    On Nalliah: what happens if an arsonist is convicted, and that arsonist is either against a woman’s right to choose termination or a member of “Catch the Fire”?

  2. slim says:

    An ethical conundrum if ever there was!

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