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Makes you proud to be Ostrayun

Herald SunIs it just me, or did Howard, Jones and Hanson so completely exploit the Australian Flag for their xenophobic agenda that I can’t see it flying from people’s cars, houses and campsites without thinking of Coalition-voting white supremacists?

At least The Hun took a break from its run of aren’t-you-glad-you’re-an-Aussie-and-not-a-Muzzie stories this week and gave space to Ron ‘Hero’ Barassi’s call to move Australia Day to May to commemorate the date when Aborigines were given equal citizen rights.

Oi! Oi! Whatever.

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  1. Caroline says:

    Its not just you Slim. Seeing six of them flying from a car today driven by what would once have been described as a ‘skinhead’, made me shudder and I too was thinking white supremacist trash. I can’t even be bothered thinking its sad. Let the US be ridiculous about a piece of cloth flapping on a pole, and let us get back to our complete nonplussedness about it. It made me want to ask this guy what Australia meant to him,(exactly) apart from the Bundy, the roo shoots his like-minded ‘mates’, and getting laid at a B&S ball. The last refuge of the scoundrel and all that . . . Should feel compassion I guess that life holds so very little other meaning.

  2. phil@vvb says:

    No, it’s not just you.

  3. Grendel says:

    All week I have seen cars driving around with flags attached via plastic window clips.

    Surely there is more to Australian patriotism than mounting illegally fitted Chinese-made plastic to your car.

    Quite frankly I think there are better ways of honouring our country.

  4. slim says:

    Great comments over at LP:

    “It’s the FLAG. It is not a towel. It is not a cape. It is not to be stuck on the back of your car. It is not a political prop. It is not the Confederate battle flag. It is not a bumper sticker.

    It is a symbol of national ideals, not a political baton, nor some secret sign allowing you to identify fellow-minded patriots. You do not ‘drape’ yourself in it. You respect it by keeping your effing hands and your effing ideals, whatever they may be left right or centre, the hell away from our flag.”

  5. slim says:


    I’m with Mercurius on this one. It seems to be the best way to end the scariness that Australia Day has become is to change the date and change the flag.

    I can’t consciously pick when it happened, however Australia Day has become the day that I look forward to the least all year- I am careful not to look sideways (or anyways really) at anyone on Australia Day with an Australian flag because you just don’t know what it might lead to. Surely we all agree (even the yobbos in a sober moment) that this is not how Australia Day should feel to someone born and bred here and who thinks that it is the best country on earth?
    # 28 “

  6. slim says:

    I think it’s becoming clearer that for whatever reasons there is a nasty, hopefully small, but nevertheless significant ultra-nationalist movement in this country, that has had some success appealing to the average yob looking for an outlet for anger and a convenient target.

    The whole narrative around the death of young Tyler whatsit who got shot for charging police with a knife I think brought some of this more fully into the public consciousness.

    I’d suggest if people think that these yobs were wearing the flag just ’cause it was convenient to the day, and that their actions weren’t to a certain extent premeditated, they are wrong. Australia Day has become a magnet for this sort of expression, and targetting of visible cultural minorities in certain areas at least is a growing problem.

    I work with migrant communities in Tasmania, and there are disturbing trends of overt racism we are dealing with here, albeit no doubt from a small minority, but they are very effective at making sure their voice is the loudest. Incidents include: verbal abuse in public, shoving, assault, spitting, derogatory implied comments, home invasion, egging (people and buildings), stalking, vandalisation of property, theft and group bashings.

    We are building a picture with police, but it’s clear that there is a segment of the population, largely young males but also some young women (I’m talking 15-25 range) who actively target and seek out minority groups for attack. They often seem to have older ‘mentors’. Tthe flag and ‘aussie pride’ mixed with an anti-immigration stance is prominent in their ‘logic’. I don’t have any demographic information such as socio-economic group or such, but I suspect we need to think a lot more deeply than just ‘disaffected youf’.

    I don’t know where it’s come from, whether it’s always existed and now we’re seeing some fluctation that’s made it more visible, but this blatant jingoism / racism is defintely an identifiable, cohesive force that the broader community needs to roundly and loudly repudiate. We need a much louder inclusive voice to drown out this detritus.

    Even listening to Triple J’s hottest 100 on Monday, I was struck and greatly disquieted by how much the comperes paid lip service to the crowds covered in flags and talked about ‘aussie pride’. Scary.

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