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Obama may open low-level link with Hamas


Palestinian women from the El Deeb family, whose relatives were killed near a United Nations school, watch the funerals in the Jabaliya refugee camp. Photo: AP

THE incoming Obama administration is prepared to abandon US President George Bush’s doctrine of isolating Hamas by establishing a channel to the Islamist organisation, sources close to the transition team say.

Washington may open low-level link with Hamas |

Good to hear that the incoming administration is preparing to reverse the Bush administration’s refusal to have anything to do with Hamas. Since when has a conflict between neighbours ever been resolved without both parties being dragged to the negotiating table? Wipe out Hamas and all the Palestinians was never going to be a viable strategy beyond playing to local Israeli and International politics..

As Jason Koutsoukis explains today:

“Yet 3½ years later, Israel is once again looking for a way out of Gaza. This latest war may have started with an impressive “shock and awe” campaign of aerial bombardment, but it is quickly turning into a carnage-ridden nightmare that may prove just as difficult for Israel to extract itself from as the last time it occupied Gaza in 1967.

A million and a half human beings are crammed into this tiny Palestinian territory, most of them desperate refugees, in conditions that are treacherous, agonising and demoralising.”

It is ironic (there’s that word again) that Israel, the great Jewish State, finds itself imprisoning people into a inhumane ghetto based on their ethnicity. They’ve come along way.

Note to all the Militarist Rightists out there, this writer does not condone violence as a means to solving political problems, regardless of who is involved, who started it, or the relative ‘merits’ of their case. But if you treat people like sub-human animals you shouldn’t be surprised if they bite.

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  1. Caroline says:

    If we’re so appalled, imagine what Iran’s thinking.

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