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Scientists claim proof humans to blame for polar warming

Oh dear!. Yet IPA’s corporate environmental spokesperson Jennifer Marohasy continues to live a world where Arctic ice may actually be increasing, and hey, Britain has had some unseasonably cold weather so clearly global warming is just a leftist tax-eating conspiracy design to deprive corporations of their well-earned profits accrued purely in the service of the progress of mankind.

Scientists say they have been able to prove for the first time that human activity is contributing to the warming of both the Arctic and Antarctic.

Scientists claim proof humans to blame for polar warming – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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  1. pearl says:

    This seems to be true as people are not aware about environment hazards and problems.Though there are are certain people that are helping to preserve environment. But only few people can’t do anything. We should spread awareness about environment conservation to whole world. Recently i came across a web site that provides specialized training on environment Environmental Education and
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  2. slim says:

    Who would have thought? JM has since posted News Reports for October Indicate Global Cooling.

    An early winter in the Northern Hemisphere indicates global cooling? Watch out for her sequel News Reports Indicate Global Warming when next there is an early summer or unseasonably hot month.

  3. slim says:

    And in the interests of conflating weather events as evidence of global warming The Age, reports today:

    MELBOURNE has had the driest and second-hottest start to spring on record.

    The bureau of meteorology said September and October yielded a combined rainfall of just 26.4 millimetres at the city weather station.

    It beat the previous low for the two months of 35.2 millimetres recorded in 1914.

  4. graemebird says:

    Second-hottest start. So what days are that. How many days is a “start”. The dubious behaviour never ends with these lunatics.

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