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Joshua: A Parable for Pell

Cardinal George PellI have been reading Joshua – A Parable for Today by Father Joseph Girzone. My son left it here on a recent visit, as is his way. It is a parable of what might happen if Jesus appeared among the residents of conservative small town America. An engaging story for anyone with theological bent. Some might say it’s a little obvious, but hey, we are talking the life of Jesus here so you can’t deviate too far from the script. And anyway it is one priest’s insight into the mores of contemporary Christianity, and as such his fictional portrayal of Joseph is both insightful and reverential.

As Joseph becomes known and loved by all the people he meets, the Catholic Bishop is Joseph’s first unpleasant run-in with clerical authority. Given the media’s current obsession with the Catholic LoveFest in Sydney at the moment, and the unfortunate profile of Cardinal Pell, tonight’s reading was serendipitous indeed.

Joshua was visibly angry. “They are not your people,” he said sharply. “They are God’s children, and as God’s children they are free.

It is shepherds like you who have stripped God’s people of the freedom and joy they should experience as the children of God and returned them to the status of slaves, no longer free to follow their own consciences, or to listen to their inner voices, or even the voice of God.

It is shepherds like you who are so taken up with your own authority that you resent people even talking to others about the things of God without your permission.

It is men like you who have destroyed the good name of Jesus’ message and have bound up people’s lives in shackles and fear of punishment, not because you care for people, but merely to protect your authority.

Jesus taught his apostles to love and to serve, but you have never loved your people because you cannot love in the normal way men love. You rule them and force them to serve you instead.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Joshua: A Parable for Today Joshua: A Parable for Today: Joseph F. Girzone: Books

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3 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    I’ve been hoping that while here, the Pope might sack him. Regardless of the fact that he is a religious figure, or perhaps it is compounded by the hypocrisy of his position, George Pell is to my mind, one of the most evil public figures in Australia. The only thing I find remotely amusing about him is that his name rhymes with ‘hell’, (wherefore he is undoubtedly destined–although I would argue that he is there already). He is an utter abomination and were I a Catholic and in the remotest way devout, I would be lobbying hard for his demotion based on the fact that every statement that issues from his God forsaken tongue is to my mind highly dubious in terms of their morality. You can completely forget the teachings of Christ, as Pell evidently has done evinced by what comes out of his mouth.

    Thank you slim, for giving me this opportunity to vent my spleen on this character. I don’t understand why there aren’t more people of ‘the cloth’ who do not oppose these hypocrits.

    Pell must have been a good actor–once.

  2. slim says:

    If WYD is a huge PR and recruitment success, and Pell deftly handles the local abuse fallout to the satisfaction of the Vatican, I can see him being in line for a nice promotion to the Holy See for services rendered to the Holy Father and Mother Church. Sad but true.

  3. slim says:

    For a full demolition job on Pell check out the inimitable David Bath.

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