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Global cooling wishful thinking is melting away

Damn it! Just when Global Warming Denialists thought they getting somewhere with the global cooling theory, the polar ice caps just keep melting away.

It might be the depths of winter in Antarctica but scientists say they’re seeing more signs of global warming on the frozen continent.New satellite photos show the Wilkins Ice Shelf is even closer to breaking from the peninsula. Experts say the effects of warming there now look irreversible.

Antarctic ice shelf ‘hanging on by a thread’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Russia is on the hunt for a lucrative slice of the Arctic. Moscow plans to use international law to ask that a huge section of the Arctic Continental Shelf be recognised as Russian territory.

It’s the latest move in a new rush to claim the enormous natural resources believed to be under the ocean, now accessible due to the melting ice cap.

A new report by a Russian parliamentary committee says the ice cover has shrunk by almost 25 per cent since 2005.”The north in general is more sensitive to the climate changing than lower attitudes,” parliamentary committee member Yury Vorobyov said.

“So scientists, politicians and industrialists should focus their attention on climate change.”

Arctic fever: Russia races against time to stake claim – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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4 Responses

  1. wes george says:


    Yeah, you are wishing, but I doubt you’re thinking.

    It’s the middle of winter in Antarctica. Hello? 0.6 c of Global warming isn’t melting anything down there. I can find experts and news articles to “prove” creationism too, doesn’t mean it’s true… Meanwhile, the REAL weather is nice at Volstok Airport, Antarctica. Though, you might want to grab your cardie if you go for a walk. Have a looKie:

    I wonder if we dropped Slim in his cardie off somewhere near Volstok how many million of years would it take for him to defrost due to global warming?

  2. Ann Novek says:

    According to a new report from FAO, published in a Norwegian fisheries paper , climate change will most probably mean that fish populations will decrease , as fish is especially vulnerable for climate change.

    This is of special concern for people working in the fisheries, 42 million worldwide , a majority of them in poor countries.

  3. Ann Novek says:

    According to the FAO report, there will be more problems with the fisheries due to global warming. For example , fish will seek out deeper water because of the warming.

  4. Ann Novek says:

    ” The world’s coastal oceans are in crisis, with oxygen-starved ”dead zones” increasing by a third in just two years as global temperatures increase with climate change, according to the International Whaling Commission’s latest scientific report.

    Dead zones, caused by over-enrichment of waters by nutrients from run-off, sewerage and warming waters, represent ”the worst-case scenario for coastal biodiversity” and are the ‘’severest form” of ocean habitat degradation, the report says.

    The number of ocean dead zones has grown from 44 areas reported in 1995 to more than 400, with some of the worst oxygen-starved areas extending over 22,000sqkm.

    Recent figures from the United Nations Environment Program estimate fertilisers, sewage and other other pollutants, combined with the impact of climate change, have led to a doubling in the number of oxygen-deficient dead zones every decade since the 1960s”

    ” The commission’s report says skin diseases are now more frequent among whales and dolphins and may be linked to ocean pollution or climate change.

    It says ocean surface warming and the southward displacement of Southern Ocean currents will reduce the feeding grounds of humpback, blue, fin, sperm and southern right whales.”

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