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Liberals abandoning Nelson – why bother?

ABC OnlineSenior Liberals are reportedly switching their allegiance from Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson to Malcolm Turnbull. Why bother? For the foreseeable future the Liberals will remain as useless as tits on a bull.

Nelson’s single digit approval rating is more a reflection of the low electoral standing of the post-Howardian Liberals in general than the qualities or performance of the man himself. The Conservative side of politics and its cultural warriors are still struggling to come to terms with their defeat after nearly 12 years in power. They are deluding themselves if they think all they need to do is have a credible leader and the electorate will come running back at the next election. The reality is rather different.

The daily ramblings of conservative commentators that Rudd is an insubstantial windbag concerned only with spin is symptomatic of their failure to appreciate the magnitude of their fall from grace. Rudd continues to enjoy a long post-election honeymoon because the electorate appreciate what he is doing. His gutsy performance over Tibet with the Chinese this week has left the conservatives speechless – something they would never have done in their wildest dreams. The electorate will be a long time forgiving the Howardians and their transgressions.

Spin and pragmatism or not, the electorate is responding to Rudd’s leadership on climate change, foreign policy, homelessness and countless other issues of public management so willfully ignored for more than a decade by the Howardians. There is simply nothing the Liberals can do but snipe ineffectually and irrelevantly from the sidelines, and it will remain so for some time to come. Since the Fraser years Australia tends to keep its federal government for at least a decade. The indications are that Rudd will be a capable manager of public affairs and a skillful diplomat – things which will only serve to remind the electorate of the brutal incompetence and sycophancy of the Howardian era and its pragmatism before principle, money before people philosophy.

It matters little who the leader of the opposition is. The Liberals will be in opposition for a decade or more. They may as well get used to it. I guess the upside of dumping Nelson is that Turnbull will never realise his ambition to be Prime Minister either. It’s way too early. Wait another term or two. May as leave it to Nelson. At least he has a pleasant personality and is good for a laugh.

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