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Speed cameras reduce speeding!

Those who believe (almost exclusively male drivers) that it is their inalienable right to break the speed limit by just a little bit will be indignant over the latest findings that only one in 10 motorists now say they speed all or most of the time, down from one in four just seven years ago.

Speed Camera

Speed cameras, long criticised as “revenue raisers”, have cut Victoria’s road toll by reducing average speeds to a record low.

Average pedestrian fatalities of 140-150 per year in the 1980s have now fallen to 40-50 fatalities a year, according to Monash University Accident Research Centre.

Who would have thought!

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  1. […] Pickens points to new research showing that speed cameras actually do significantly reduce both driving speeds and pedestrian fatalities, but this dosn’t stop Miranda Devine publishing her usual fact-free column dismissing them […]

  2. Drach says:

    absolutely bs, the article says 30%. A UK report put speeding going over the speed limit accounted for 6% of accidents. Look up MCN (Motorcycle news). And what about those drivers on drugs, or drunk or those simply inept at driving safely?

    In busy suburban streets, i’m all for reducing speed as people can do pretty silly things, or children are unaware of the danger and slower speeds does reduce energy of impact and stopping distances.

    But according to the speed kills mantra, doing 160 on an autobahn in germany is going to kill you pretty much assuredly, yet they have very few accidents.

    Also, they’re speed reduction of 50% since 1989 doesn’t take account of improved cars. You’re 40% more likely to die in a 1989 car then 2007.

    Bring in more cops i say, they can spot major defects, dangerous drivers, the whole lot!!! I don’t even care about the speeding tickets, just give me more cops!

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