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Crocodile tears for the low paid

SMHEnter Turnbull and Nelson — champions of the low paid workers! Give us a break. Have these men no principles at all or are they just shameless opportunists desperate for power at any cost? Why do they bother — do they really think they’re kidding anyone, other than themselves?

The Fair Pay Commission was Howard’s sop to the low paid who would be even worse off under his WorkChoices policies designed to reduce the cost of labour. Whatever its due processes, the Fair Pay Commission was designed to have a political appointee as its head — an appointee who would be sympathetic to a quiet word from his masters.

In a deft piece of fancy footwork, Turnbull is impuning the character of the head of Treasury and arguing that the Government needs to advise the Fair Pay Commission on the minimum wage in order that the Fair Pay Commsision can then advise the Government on the minimum wage. And we are now supposed to believe that Malcolm is concerned that the lowest paid won’t get a decent pay rise. Priceless.

Just confirms my theory that new oppositions, after a decade in power, would actually be better off not saying anything for the at least the first year. Next thing they’ll be calling for increased spending in pubic health and social welfare with pay rises for teachers, police and nurses.

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One Response

  1. phil says:

    I’d vote for an increase in “pubic health.”

    Blue unction, I think they called it.

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