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$400M is cheap at twice the price

If it costs $400,000,000 to cancel the Super Hornets it will be money well spent to avoid wasting $billions in US Military Corporate profits on a useless piece of obsolete technology ill-suited to our needs. And cancel the Joint Strike Fighter project while we’re at it. The most dumb-assed decision ever made by Brendan Nelson on behalf of the Howard pre-emptive defense doctrine.
ABCAustralia is no longer Deputy Sheriff to Dubya’s neo-con dream of global domination by the US empire. The game’s over boys. A more realistic assessment of our air defence capabilities will better serve our security needs and likely have money left over to spend on Indigenous Australia, or public health and education.

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2 Responses

  1. Niall says:

    I agree. The Super Hornet is no better suited as a replacement for the F111 than are the current fleet of F/A18’s. The F-22 is over-rated for what it is, and hasn’t been used in combat yet, despite it being operational. It’s an air superiority fighter, not a tactical strike/strategic bombing aircraft. If we MUST buy an American product, the F-15E Strike Eagle is the closest to what we need, even if it is classed as ‘last years aircraft’.
    Personally, given the research I’ve undertaken, we could do a lot worse than the Sukhoi Su-33 or MiG 29M/33

  2. slim says:

    I have this mental picture of Hayseed Nelson in Washington with the US Military’s finest salespeople:

    “Come here boy! Have a cigar! Have we got a deal for you. We only offer this one to our best friends!”

    If the contract is cancelled, imagine being responsible for blowing $400M for one stupid decision. Well done Brendan.

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