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Nelson has relevance bypass

The Federal Opposition should seriously consider saying nothing for the time being. Better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Brendan Nelson SMHAt this early stage of a new government, the opposition seem only able put forward ideas that were just soundly beaten at the polls or destroy all credibility by criticising the same things they were doing only a few months ago.

Brendan Nelson Federal says the Government should focus on the basics instead of considering an apology to Indigenous Australians. He says that rising food and fuel prices are more urgent than saying ‘sorry’. I thought the Liberals had determined that it was not possible for any government to do anything about food and fuel prices? Clear message there.

“Whatever the attitude of Australians towards this generation, apologising for things that were done by earlier generations, you’ve really got to ask yourself whether this is a high priority for the Australian Parliament,” Nelson said.

Given that it was part of Labor’s election mandate and that the majority of Australian’s would like something in the way of an apology I can’t really see why it shouldn’t be a priority.

What Nelson hopes to gain by such petty announcements eludes me, apart from keeping his name in the media (and reminding us what a goose he is). Rudd is going to issue an apology regardless of Nelson’s opinion, and it will be long gone by the next election, and quite possibly ancient history by the time Nelson would need ever worry about the matter in government.

Show some grace, man and stop being an irrelevant twat.

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