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400 Aussie troops are all that prevent Iraqi Genocide

News CorpThe Opposition is still getting used to the idea that it is no longer the Government and that it needs to re-frame its rhetoric if it wishes to be regarded as an effective and serious alternative government. Opposition Foreign affairs spokesman Andrew Robb told The Age yesterday that the “premature withdrawal of troops has to be handled in an extraordinarily careful manner because it’s not just an issue of the US, it’s also very much an issue of ensuring the Iraqi Government is equipped to stop any return of genocide … our strategy is to remove troops when the job is done”.

Oh dear! You might conceivably get away with such patent nonsense for the likes of Andrew Bolt but it simply reveals the depth of the reality-disconnect of the Opposition to anyone with half an idea of what’s going on in Iraq. But then again, maybe that is the problem. Robb doesn’t even have half an idea of what’s going on in Iraq.

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