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Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

Memo to Liberal Party leadership aspirants

julie-bishop-050412.jpgLose WorkChoices. It is probably the main reason why you were emphatically rejected by the Australian electorate. It is not a great idea that the people failed to understand simply because of a clever union campaign. They just don’t like it.

Continuing to advocate for WorkChoices makes you look like a petulant government in exile. You aren’t going to be returned to office on the basis of WorkChoices or your opposition to the government’s changes to IR.

But then again, you never listened before so I don’t expect you will now.

Good luck with that.

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  1. amadeoz says:

    No surprise that Turnbull was not elected to lead a party that’s still dominated by old pricks like Downer and Ruddock, Andrews and Bronwyn Bishop. Just wait and see: history repeats itself if people don’t learn and these arrogant conservatives think they’re always right and know it all. They’ll gonna have a hard time in 2008, obstructing Labor initiatives and they’ll grind themselves deeper in the shit and create more disarray in their party – and people will further turn away from them and welcome types like Turnbull, Hockey and Abbott, even Costello.
    Good choice! Thanks from PM Kevin Rudd.


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