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The Economy or integrity and a fair go

Leunig - The AgeAfter six weeks of mind-numbing pork-barrelling appeals to self-interest, Australians will decide today the future of our nation – do we continue down the road of economic servitude or do we reaffirm our commitment to the land of the Fair Go?

Hopefully sufficient of my fellow Australians are informed enough to understand that the health of our deregulated economy has precious little to do with the running of the affairs of state whereas our sense of national identity has everything to do with the aspirations and vision of our political leaders. How do we use our national prosperity? Do we use it wisely, humanely and equitably or do we choose to further entrench self-interested economic advantage at the expense of others and indeed the long term prosperity and well-being of the nation.

“According to economic analysts and forecasters IbisWorld, the top 20% of Australian households have an average annual income of $225,000 while the bottom 20% average just $22,000.

We now have about 1 million “working poor” in Australia: that is, people who have some work, but not enough income to sustain a way of life we’d regard as normal for this society.” Hugh MacKay

“This is the clash between the values of ‘ordinary people’ and the values of the prosperous, professional ‘elites'” Robert Manne

This election is a choice between a future which values social justice, respect for due process of law and parliament, investment in social infrastructure, ethical and independent foreign policy or more of the same small-minded, backward-looking, mean-spirited, jingoistic, divisive, fear-mongering bastardry on behalf of the wealthy elite. It is a choice between a party which will try to govern for the interest of ordinary people or a party which unashamedly governs for the interests of Big Business.

I hope Australia doesn’t fuck it up again. There are too many urgent issues facing us as a nation crying out for forward thinking and creative action, not tokenistic piecemeal political reaction for those seeking to maintain their individual and elite privilege.

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2 Responses

  1. Georgia says:

    fingers and toes crossed – it’s not too much to hope for(?) cheers Georgia

  2. slim says:

    I think we’ll get there! Keep the faith. I hear NZ is offering good relocation programs for teachers!

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