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Day 15 – Over-heating Climate Change

DysonHoward declares that Costello ‘creamed’ Swan in The Great Economic Debate although The Worm gives it Swan and most economics commentators call it a draw. The Worm continues to show that Work Choices remains a big negative for Team Howard.

Malcolm in the Muddle enters his third day of not taking calls or giving interviews concerning his support for signing the Kyoto agreement, while Howard tries to gain ground by claiming Kevin07 has backed-down on Peter Garrett’s commitment to a post-Kyoto agreement. We’re certainly getting into the Twilight Zone here as this will not be a matter for decision until after the next election. Team Howard are now claiming there is no difference between them and Kevin07 on Climate Change. Not that anyone is actually listening. Meanwhile the fact remains that Kevin07 will ratify Kyoto for 2008-2012 and Team Howard won’t. Kevin07 promises a mandatory 20% target for renewables by 2015 and a 60% greenhouse emission reduction by 2050, with interim targets to be set after its report due next year. These are the climate debate facts that the electorate will understand. For team Howard to argue otherwise simply confirms electoral skepticism of Team Howard’s new-found commitment to climate change.

Cranky John has become Happy John after yesterday’s improvement in Newspoll. Was there anything else? More mind-numbing barreling of pork around marginal electorates. Apparently the bill for road works in marginal electorates now exceeds $15 billion. Remember that next time you take out a shock absorber on one our fine country roads and wonder why we’ve had to wait until now.

The Four Corners salutary tale about the dangers of starry-eyed hayseeds Howard and Nelson wining and dining with US hucksters in Washington who sold them a jet-fighter pup for $6 billion will put a damper on any discussions about which team is better equipped to defend the nation and support US Military Adventurism. $6 billion without a competitive tender process and against the wishes of the ADF and RAAF top brass while the rest of the Public Service has to tender out jobs in excess of $80,000 yet again underscores what brilliant and responsible economic managers Team Howard really are.

Only an eternity to go with yesterday’s play a confusion of mind-numbing policy trivia of he said, she said. One for Kevin07 for the renewables initiative.

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