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Day 14 – The Narrowing

TandbergTeam Howard’s Generals regrouped in Melbourne yesterday for what they hope was a productive if not decisive reframing of the election narrative ahead of encouraging polling figures from HQ’s preferred Newspoll showing a narrowing billed by the Government Gazette as a halving of Kevin07’s 2PP vote. Team Howard are back in The Game! Inveterate Spin Master Andrew Robb appeared on Lateline, amidst awkward questions on interest rates, leadership and climate change, to explain the new narrative.

Unlike previous Narrowings and False Dawns this one is For Real. Apparently it’s like the Republic debate where 80% of voters were in favour of a change until the actual referendum when it dropped back to 45%. No mention of the fact that Howard sabotaged the referendum by ensuring that it asked the wrong questions for the non-preferred model designed to derail support. People are now starting to weigh up the important question – who is best equipped to manage our Trillion Dollar Economy – and come election day they will choose the experienced and proven Team Howard to continue on the path to prosperity for the next say 10-20 years. Never mind that the new poll figures suggest that the movement is coming from a 10% reduction in minor party voting intentions rather than any severe dent in major party preference.

Team Howard announced a $2 billion plan to recreate the Technical School System, although only $270 million will actually be spent in the next term of office. These will be Proper Technical Schools for Working Families, just like we had back in the 50s and 60s, not just add-ons at the back of Academic High Schools. Presumably Proper Academic High Schools (with Proper RRRs and Proper Po-Mo-Free History) and Universities will continue to be the preferred means of education for privately funded Professional and Business Families.

A good day for Team Howard, sufficient for them resist the urge to start eating their own. Full points for encouragement. And so on to The Great Economic Debate debate and the next set of polls.

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