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Day 8 – Agile Analid Antics

LOL POLSAll attention today was focussed on The Great Debate with The Worm the clear winner. So who pulled the live feed to Channel 9? Channel 9 blamed the Coalition. The Coalition blamed The ABC who blamed The Press Club. Meanwhile Tony Abbott reckons the audience and The Worm were rigged because The Worm gave Rudd an enthusiastic blue-liner by his mere appearance, while Howard received a red-liner before he even opened his mouth. Of course a simpler explanation is The Worm is portraying exactly what the electorate is thinking. Team Howard is deludedly claiming victory in the debate despite all evidence to the contrary while the MSM is keeping the narrative alive – Howard has lost every debate and won every election and so therefore…

There was much bizarre incantation about marginal tax thresholds in 2 years outside of Treasury projections. Kevin07 comes out looking less foolish than Team Howard and Costello who kicked an own-goal by giving Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan the opportunity to look and sound intelligent on the 7.30 Report after Costello declined to appear.

Kevin07 announced some road upgrades and a commercial fishing licence buy-back scheme while Team Howard sympathised with Murray-Darling farmers and promised assistance to ensure Adelaide’s water supplies.

So now the economy has been neutralised in a haze of excessive tax cuts and thresholds we begin the climate change debate – hardly surprising given Rudd was repeatedly blue-line maxed by The Worm whenever he spoke about it. Kevin07 has started running its climate change TV ads while Malcolm Turnbull reckons we might never need to have Nuclear Power Plants after all, even though Team Howard was bullishly enthusiastic about them a few months ago.

The day was clearly seized by Kevin07 thanks to a comfortable win in The Great Debate. For as long as environment remains the story in coming days Kevin07 will be in control of the ball. Expect Team Howard to announce a dramatic circuit-breaker.

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