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Day 7 – The Worm Squirmed

The AgeUnsurprisingly, John Howard is deemed by all rational observers to have comprehensively lost the TV debate with Kevin Rudd. I watched Channel 9’s telecast to a 60 Minutes audience with their own Worm. 69% to Rudd and 35% to Howard was the official calculated Worm Squirm.

According to Blogotariat’s Worm Analysis, Howard’s positives were on the theme of the of Labor’s Union domination and the prospect of wall-to-wall Labor governments, his determination to fight terrorism and the prospect of a new approach to indigenous issues (although less favorable on the NT intervention), but on matters of trust (with further changes to Work Choices, troop levels and ‘going the distance’ in Iraq, for example) the Worm was decidedly negative.

Rudd’s Worm was overwhelmingly positive on Childcare, no tax cuts for the Top End of Town, building capacity infrastructure and education, changes to Work Choices, climate change management, leadership in solar energy development, Iraq as Howard’s biggest foreign policy failure, the need for proactive assistance to combat terrorism in South East Asia, the importance of an apology to indigenous Australia to create a bridge for reconciliation, and withdrawing of combat troops (as opposed to security and advisory troops )from Iraq.

Howard was fudging too much during the Leaders’ questions and foolishly set up Rudd for some clear and definitive answers.

Rudd scored well in the closing statements with his argument that Australia needs a plan for the future, not just a hope that things will turn out all right. In contrast Howard received lukewarm response to his Back to the Future vision of schools returning to the basics of the The Three Rs and trade schools, and his contention that History needs to be taught as a ‘proper’ balanced narrative.

Together with Kevin07’s childcare rebate policy announcement, the day’s play clearly belonged to Rudd. Don’t expect the Liberal Ad campaign about Unions to abate anytime soon. Oh, and maybe some about the need to be strong on Terror.

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