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Day 5 – Rudd wedges Howard

SpoonerThe big play in Day 5 has been Kevin07’s announcement of their Great Plan to Cut Taxes for The Future of Australia with a bit left over to begin Small Education Revolution. Rudd’s package bears striking similarities to Team Howard’s tax cuts, but it actually paves the way for more genuine reform of the taxation system than Costello dared in eleven years, but more importantly has the added electoral appeal of including some additional funding towards education.

The timidness of Kevin07’s tax policy is naturally disappointing to Labor supporters who rightly think that the electorate is hankering for some bold statements of vision and differentiation from Howard-Lite. But it’s hardly surprising. Team Howard owes its electoral dominance to The Wedge. Rudd has successfully countered this at every step by refusing to be Wedged – why stop now?

Rudd is actually up against two political opponents – Team Howard and the embedded Mainstream Media Commentariat. Both have vested interests in Rudd losing in ’07. Team Howard’s is obvious. The embedded MSM Commentariat are equally responsible for Howard’s success, and are still struggling with the all but inevitable demise of John Howard. For years they have told us how brilliant Howard is and at every opportunity they are still clinging to their illusory narrative of Masterful Howard clutching victory from the jaws of defeat. Just witness Friday’s MSM headlines and voice leaders – it’s all about the legendary Howard comeback while Kevin07 is portrayed as losing momentum and direction. See! We told you!

In anywhere other than the parallel universe inhabited by MSM commentators, Spin Merchants and headline copywriters, the latest polls are not particularly good news for Team Howard, with Kevin07 increasing its primary vote. Once again Rudd has refused to be Wedged. Tax policy neutralised with bonus points. Now we’ll move on to issues of concern to the rest of Australia where Labor holds all the cards.

Friday’s point to Kevin 07 for a skillful anti-wedge manoeuvre right in front of Team Howard’s goal post.

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4 Responses

  1. hc says:

    It wasn’t clear from your post how Rudd wedged Howard?

    The Gallaxy Poll showed Labor’s winning margin cut in half – that was fact not media romanticism.

  2. slim says:

    It was mostly a cute headline because I was pondering that Rudd has little choice in a wedging climate, especially when the MSM are in on the act – even respected professionals like Michelle Grattan and Fran Kelly. But also in the sense that Rudd’s plan offers more scope for genuine reform, plus educational brownie points – it looks like a more appealing package (unless you are on $180+K.)

    The 2pp vote softened, no doubt at the expense of minor parties, but the Labor primary vote increased slightly (as did the Coalition), while Rudd remains at a respectable 60% as preferred PM – hardly cause for pronouncing a Coalition comeback. Movement definitely, momentum hardly. Of more interest, trend-wise, will be the polls after the debate, now that both tax plans are out.

    Poll prognostication aside, my gut feeling is that Howard will not win, regardless of the quality of the campaign – too many people have made up their minds and are unlikely to be persuaded otherwise. It’s damage control as much as anything.

  3. hc says:

    Howard is not wedged at all. He can provide grants to schools or to individuals that match this promise exactly. It need not even look like me-tooism.

    According to Galaxy the preferred vote to the Coalition grew 3% and that of Labor fell 3%. The age poll was slightly less favourable to the Coalition. This harved the lead that Labor had.

    On the balance of probabilities Rudd is clearly the favourite but in my view the outcome will be close and the Coalition might win.

  4. slim says:

    Perhaps I should have run with the other post title “Rudd refuses to be Wedged” 🙂

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