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Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

How many lawyers in a Coalition Government?

Here’s a novel idea for Kevin07 to counter the Coalition scare ad campaign about Union Bosses – produce the same ad against the Coalition, but with lawyers.

How many lawyers in a Coalition Government? 20%, 30%, think again 64%! Prime Minister? A lawyer! Treasurer? A Lawyer! IR? A lawyer! All with connections to Big Business and Merchant Bankers (thanks Mr Lefty). Throw in Richard Pratt for good measure. You get the idea.

It would be so audacious and hilarious, Chaseresque-style, that the Coalition would have to stop running The Union Bosses campaign for the embarrassing farce that it is.


Filed under: Federal Election 2007, Media

One Response

  1. MrLefty says:

    Well, exactly. Also, bankers.

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