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Day 4 – Election? What election?

A rather quiet day on the campaign trail. Kevin07 was busy finalising the details for Sunday’s debate, no doubt trying to come up with a sucker punch to knock out the Great Tax Cut Plan for The Future of Australia (TGTCPFTFA). The MSM are keen to portray Rudd’s apparent quietness as uncertainty, but it is altogether consistent with his year-long strategy when Howard tries to wedge him. Wait until the dust settles and see how it’s sitting with the electorate and meanwhile let Team Howard and the MSM Housing argue it out until it frays at the edges. Some say Rudd can afford to take his time in response to TGTCPFTFA and deliver a solid, appealing package to sooth the mortgage belt at the expense of the rich end of town, using the balance to launch a funded, accountable, fiscally responsible agenda for rebuilding social infrastructure. This would also appeal to the IMF (and the Reserve Bank), who warned today that Australia needed to be cautious about spending too much money when the economy is operating at capacity. Excessive tax cuts for example? Mind you, the IMF says the same thing when times are hard.

Team Howard continued its Union Scare theme – possibly because they may be getting some traction, or more probably, their polling on TGTCPFTFA tells them it’s sinking faster than a lead balloon so they better talk about something else. While gaining some joy from the independent candidacy of Gavin Connor – ousted in ALP pre-selection for Corio by an up and coming union representative – Joe Hockey confused the message by saying the Unions were largely irrelevant, and then having to explain why we still should be scared of them.

The first polls are out tomorrow. Sol Lebovic and the conservative commentariat are still arguing that the Labor vote is soft – keeping the dream/illusion alive that Howard can still close the gap. Tomorrow, at best, will show no shift away from Labor – a devastation rather than annihilation. At worst, if it suggests a shift away from the Government, they better get their staff working overtime on the shredders and circulating CVs.

The other news of the day was an economic report showing housing affordability has fallen 8%, mortgage stress is on the rise, and the first home-owner dream is disappearing. Neither team have much to offer in this regard and probably won’t while the campaign continues – if you are already mortgaged to the max, you won’t look favourably on policies which might lower the value of your house.

For our moral upliftment, Howard did his best “Drugs* are evil! Don’t do drugs, m..kay?” routine over the misfortune of Ben Cousins. Was the bust was an inside job? In a rare moment of moral harmony, Rudd and Howard sang a delightful duet about The Chaser’s no-punches-pulled song taking the piss out of our indulgent sentiment for dead pop heroes. “Disgusting!” exclaimed Howard. “Lift your game, boys!” extolled Rudd.

Failing some extraordinary Team Howard hat rabbits or Kevin07 ass hattery, I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t all over already. Last night on ABC TV there was discussion about what form the self-destruction and implosion of the Liberal Party of Australia might take. Some decorum, please gentlemen, the corpse isn’t even dead yet.

I’ll be generous and give todays win to Team Howard, for no other reason than they are holding the media’s attention.

*Excluding tobacco and alcohol

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