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Kevin07 is just Howard 2.0

Eddie Perfect of Keating, the Musical fame performed this incisively satirical piece on The Sideshow last Saturday night. Eddie expresses that niggling discomfort many of us have about Rudd and the ALP, and cleverly captures what might be the typical Gen X attitude – if you have to elect a nerdy looking guy with a round face and glasses, you may as well vote for the one with hair. Howard is so last-season. And a not-insignificant reason to vote for Kevin07 is to see the look on Howard’s face when the mother-f*cker loses.

The idea in the chorus is that the Kevin07 update is just John Howard 2.0 – it’s still the same old shit. As a Rudd supporter (people thought I was mad when I said that Rudd will be the next Prime Minister, six months before he was elected leader of the ALP), Eddie’s song is close to the mark.

But let’s face it, if you already have Howard 1.5 why wouldn’t you want to upgrade to Howard 2.0? It will have more features (even if you never use them all), be more user-friendly, easier to use, less liable to crashes, more visually attractive, and it will network more compatibly with the rest of world.

Of course we’re stuck with the same monopolistic corporate proprietary operating system. Personally I think we’d all be better off running open-source.

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