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Day 2 – Many a slip twixt cup and lip…

While the mainstream media were all over Team Howard’s $34 billion tax cut proposal this morning, the day did not begin well for Howard when he tripped up on the current interest rate and the average wage during an interview.

Predictably, by the end of play today, criticism of the tax cuts is being aired, and given Rudd a chance to play the fiscal conservative by not being panicked into announcing Labor’s plan – reinforced by the media replaying Howard’s equivalent stance back in ’96.

The biggest strategic problem for Team Howard trying to win support for the tax cuts, according to Possum Pollytics, is that the target demographic is the same one most disadvantaged by Work Choices and the credit squeeze. Polling also suggests that as much as 60% of the electorate would rather see government surpluses used for community infrastructure. If you are a casual worker trying to supplement the family income you might get an extra $10 a week under Team Howard. That won’t even cover next week’s petrol price rise let alone pay for a trip to the dentist. Meanwhile politicians will take home a tidy $120 extra per week. While Team Howard claim it is a bold plan for the future (since when has cutting taxes been a plan for the future – they do it every budget) I suspect the electorate remains less than convinced and concerned that it will push up mortgage interest rates.

Kevin07 today announced plans to release unused Commonwealth land in a bid to reduce land prices to ease the housing shortage. Team Howard claimed they had the idea first and that Kevin stole it. Still it was the only positive new policy of the day while the electorate quickly loses interest in the tax cuts story.

The 7.30 Report ran a story uncovering how a successful and productive indigenous community CEDC program was being closed down, with former employees being forced onto the dole so the Government can quarantine payments for rent and food. The old fellow who has raised his kids, fed and clothed them, saw to their education and successful transition to adulthood wasn’t impressed that part of his pension will be quarantined. Not quite the TV Team Howard need right now to sell their indigenous affairs policy.

Far from closing the polling gap for Team Howard, the campaign may well work against them as a switched off electorate are reminded of the many reasons why they will not return Team Howard to government.

At the end of play today both Teams are pretty even, but given Howard’s gaff and Rudd’s housing policy I give it to Kevin07 on points.

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  1. Rod says:

    ” The old fellow who has raised his kids, fed and clothed them, saw to their education and successful transition to adulthood wasn’t impressed that part of his pension will be quarantined. ”

    I might add, that the “old fellow” whose income is being quarantined here, Geoff Shaw, is a decorated Vietnam Vet who has been at the forefront of a host of initiative to improve the lot of Aboriginal people in the NT for the three and a bit decades since he left the army. A very fine man whom I’ve known since the mid 70’s.

    He’s just the sort of person that you would imagine Brough would be talking to, not doing down for half his Vets pension because he happens to live on an Alice Springs Town camp lease!

  2. slim says:

    Thanks Rod – I’m glad of the update. I only half-heard what was being said by whom as I was cooking dinner. I let it all wash over through the day from morning radio and print media, browse the blog teasers for the occasional quality article, check the ABC headlines and 7.30 report and then just give my impression of the state of the day’s play, without getting bogged down in argument or cross-referencing finer details, which the scholar in me likes to do, but for the sake of the exercise, it’s too time consuming.


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