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Howard – “Rudd not man enough”

Oh dear! They never learn. Leaving aside the inherent mysogeny, Howard’s most recent attack on Rudd as a blame-shifter simply reminds the rest of us that Howard is a past master of the art. That’ll bring the punters back on side! Not.

Playing the man rather than the ball is guaranteed not to revive the Coalition’s appeal to the electorate. It only reinforces the perception that Howard is tired and past it and that Rudd is the PM in waiting.

PRIME Minister John Howard has depicted Labor leader Kevin Rudd as a serial blamer, not “man enough” to take responsibility when things go wrong and disloyal to his colleagues.

Using the furore over Labor’s death penalty policy to launch an attack on Mr Rudd’s character, Mr Howard said the Opposition Leader’s behaviour had become “a pattern” of shifting blame.


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