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Who ya gonna trust to manipulate unemployment figures?

JHoJohn Howard over the weekend road-tested what may be his campaign centre piece – who are you going to trust to create full employment? Or something. Maybe we can kick off the debate by discussing the way the Howard Government has systematically reworked the fundamentals of measuring unemployment in order to make things look better than they are. You know the stuff – one hour a week = employed, casual = employed. Then there are those who are simply shoved off the system or given up registering. By Hawke-Keating standards, real unemployment is more likely to be around 8-9%, and going back to measures used before economic rationalism, it’s more like 10-15%.

Like just about everything the Government does or says these day, I’m not sure of the wisdom of this slogan. It will more than likely be counterproductive with an increasingly pissed-off electorate growing more cynical and suspicious by the day. It reminds people that reduced wages and conditions courtesy of the new improved, fairness-tested, I Can’t Believe it’s Not WorkChoices, and no doubt a still more punitive ‘mutual obligation’ regime will underpin the reduction in unemployment figures. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll distort and manipulate the figures even more – figures which most people already know are dodgy.

Assuming we’re actually going to have an election, delaying is only going to magnify the damage. Time to face the music. Judgment Day awaits.


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