The Dog’s Bollocks

Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

Digger vote a poll winner

NelsonWell that’s alright then. “Troops back Libs on Iraq war”, says Nelson. So maybe 800 Australian troops support the Howard/Bush plan to ‘stay the course’, while maybe 69% of voting Australians and 3 million Iraqis don’t. That’s got to be a vote winner.

And apparently Labor can’t be trusted with the US alliance because Peter Garrett admitted that he is no fan of Dubya or his policies, along with about 80% of the world’s population.

No wonder HowardCo are languishing in the polls with inane and pathetic appeals like these.

Please spare us.

Filed under: Ass Hattery, Federal Election 2007, Iraq, Politics

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The Dog’s Bollocks

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